Millionaire Success Secrets

What are the big dreams and goals you are working on right now? Do they immediately come to mind? For your life to change in the ways you want it to, your dreams and goals need to be a part of your daily thinking and feeling – and you need to be always open to...

Anatomy of a Brand

As I’m sure you know by now, we recently rebranded to Conscious Client Attraction – and it was so exciting to receive the business cards, event post cards and glossy 4-page brochures we will be sharing in our upcoming speeches and trade show events!  (Tip:...

Why You Need a Micro-niche

As recently as just a few years ago, it seemed to be enough to say not just that you were a coach, but that you were a career coach or a life coach or had some specialty within the coaching industry. That is no longer sufficient. In an era where the marketplace...

Conscious Client Attraction Manifesto

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