I spent this past weekend celebrating my birthday with my hubby at an amazing resort in southern Washington enjoying not only great food and relaxation, but also a luxurious massage and time in nature (here I am on a bridge during our hike).

And it brought to mind, as birthdays will, my intentions for the year ahead – and what I am willing to do to make it different and better from what has come before.  (Not that it’s been bad!  But we are wired for growth and evolution, and the next level is ready to emerge!)

So as you start your week – and soon, a new month – keep these three keys in mind to ensuring your future will be bright, and will fulfill you in the ways that matter most to you:

Key #1: Have a clear and detailed goal and intention.  This may sound like common sense, but if your only goal is “I want more clients” or “I want to be more successful,” you will need to add more specifics so that the creative powers that be will bring you what you really want.  Just leave them open at the top – “I want to earn $10,000 or more this month” so that there’s room for it to come out even better than you planned.

Key #2: Take inspired action daily toward your goals.  Your goals should be big enough that they will require you to change your thoughts, your emotions and your behavior to achieve them – and perhaps to reach out to a mentor or guide for help.  Shifting these important aspects of yourself means reinforcing the New You DAILY, not just when you set the goal.  So take 1, 2, 5 or even 10 new actions daily that will move you into the mindset and lifestyle you want to create.

Key #3: Celebrate each piece of evidence that your goal is manifesting – as well as the end result.  Finally, be grateful for each mini-breakthrough and even the smallest evidence that your new reality is dawning. If you got a $5 discount or refund you weren’t expecting, that’s prosperity in action!  If you made a different choice to stay calm when someone pushed your emotional buttons this time, celebrate it!  And ideally keep a journal of these celebrations so you can use them to boost your spirits on the tough days.  You will get to your result when you follow these keys!

​​​​​​​Have a fabulous week – and be sure to check out the new events below too including a webinar this Thurs. you won’t want to miss!

​​​​​​​To your wealth and success,


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