Although I do a lot of my connecting online through Facebook, email marketing and webinars, networking is a key strategy that I weave in as I attract more clients to our Conscious Client Attraction movement!

At right you see me with Women with Brilliance leader Nina Roberts, whose group I had a chance to attend last week.  And whether I’m speaking or attending, there are at least 3 key principles I always keep in mind – and I trust they will help you as you do your own networking in your area and industry groups:

  1. Network where your prospects gather. Is it a good idea to hang out with other coaches? Yes, but not for networking purposes.  Networking should be a step along the pathway of developing relationships with prospective clients – so if you’re a career coach, hang out with the job seeking groups; if you’re a relationship coach, Parents without Partners would be good for you!
  2. Be visible! Once you identify the right group(s) where your peeps gather, be visible.  Don’t just attend once and leave – attend regularly, head up a committee, take on an office in the group, and be known!  Visibility is one of the keys to being perceived as a thought leader and someone people will seek out when they need what you offer.
  3. ​​​Use business cards strategically. You should leave with a few carefully chosen cards from people you know you want to follow up with – and your goal should be to collect those cards, not to see how many of yours you can distribute.  Seek out the guests and people new to the group – they’re looking for a friend! If you network once a week and come away with 5 cards from people you can have coffee with, that’s at least 250 warm leads each year (50 weeks) – wow!

So happy networking – and have a fabulous week!

To your success,



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