Becoming a successful coach first requires training in how to be a coach – your coaching skills.

But after that, your next step will be to develop a brand for your coaching business that attracts exactly the people you want to work with – and communicates just what you do.

It takes some deep thinking to develop a brand that’s both authentic to you and attractive to your market, so you can leverage it into a fast expanding income. The questions that follow will get you started on the process of crafting your unique brand.

1. How can you combine your past experience with your coaching skills into a unique business name and coaching brand that will make you stand out (in a positive way!)?

It’s one thing to say you’re a career coach or an executive coach or a business coach. But what makes you special compared to others in your niche?

Often, one of the best places to look to create your uniqueness is your past experience.  For example, I remember the IT professional who became a career coach, the utilities executive who created a business helping people discover their life purpose.  Not only will this make you more appealing to the people still in your former area of work – but it sets you apart from others who may only have coaching in their background.

Second, consider your hobbies.  Could your love of tennis be integrated into your brand as a coach? Or your well known ability (and love) of hosting gourmet dinner parties? How about your wacky decorating style or your passion for travel?

2. Who is your ideal client? Can you specifically define them?

The coach who claims to serve everyone ends up appealing to no one.  So you do need to select at least one “slice of the pie” of the overall population that you long to help and serve.  If I asked you, “If you could choose just one segment of the population that you could serve, who would you most like to help?”, what would you say? That may well be your ideal client group.

Now, get into the details of their gender, politics, religion, web sites and blogs they like, values, marital status, and other specifics about their situation that will allow you to more easily reach them online and offline – whether with paid ads or organic search.  When you have a specific brand and niche as well as a specific ideal client, you’re well on your way to defining your brand!

​​​​​​​One tool that can be quite helpful if you are still uncertain is our Brand Archetypes, included in the Inspired Business Jump Start program.  Contact us for details. 

3. What specific problem are these ideal clients grappling with that your services could help them solve?

Finally, we bring your services, niche and brand together with your ideal clients and ask this: what are they struggling with? What keeps them awake at night? What problem, if you helped them solve it, would make a huge difference in their quality of life, family, finances or career?

If you aren’t sure what that is, ask them! Use a Facebook survey, Survey Monkey, or informal networking questions to get inside their heads and hearts.  Once you know this problem and can create a compelling package of services or a program that solves it, you’ll have people lining up at your door!

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