If you are a coach, consultant, author, healer or other service provider, you may think just having a web site and newsletter – and cultivating some referrals now and again – will fill your client load.  But used alone, they usually don’t!

The fastest way to be seen as an expert in your field, garner well qualified leads, and create a mad rush to your programs is by speaking.  And believe it or not, most professionals make more with free speaking than paid speaking – as long as they are allowed to sell at the back of the room OR to do follow up meetings (what we call “strategy sessions” with those who are interested.

The only thing you need to get started is a Signature Talk that can be adapted to 30 minutes or 60 minutes and that introduces people – in a compelling way – to you and your work.

Here are 5 quick ways to get booked so you can start speaking this week!

  1. Be ready!  Before you can accept a speaking gig, you need to be ready – titles, program descriptions, your bio and your photo need to be ready to email to them (even if they aren’t on an official web site yet).  And as soon as you can, add a speaking page to your web site that has all of the info a meeting planner will need in downloadable format to make their job easier!
  2. Google.  Search for business meetings in your area – there are over 70,000 meetings per DAY in the U.S. alone!  Contact the programs chair, find out whether they feature guest speakers and explore with the chair which of your topics would work best for their group. Then confirm, provide promo materials, and show up to wow them!
  3. Ask your clients and followers.  Ask your peeps what associations they belong to and love.  Then get an introduction or contact them directly to find out what opportunities are available.
  4. Go national.  Don’t be afraid to propose to speak at the national conference of your tribe’s (aka target market’s) trade association.  There’s no better way to get visibility than to be featured on a national association’s conference program.  Then, get a booth at the event, do a giveaway, and be sure you have a follow-up approach for after the event is over!
  5. Get referred.  After you speak to a group, ask for a reference from that meeting planner (or prepare one for them to sign off on) – and as you receive it, have a conversation with them to ask them for other associations where they suggest you speak.  And when you give free public presentations, have a box on your feedback card asking them to suggest organizations too.  You never know who people know!

To your success,

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