It’s a wrap! Conscious Client Attraction Live is complete and we had 16 amazing people participating – some in the room (not all pictured here) and some virtually.  These ladies and gentlemen saw breakthroughs left and right – and many are continuing on into Conscious Client Attraction Mastery or Inner Circle for the new year too! Excited to see where they go from here…

One of the biggest discoveries we all had during the retreat was ​​​​​​​a general reluctance to state a specific money goal for the new year.  If I asked you, “What amount of income do you intend to generate in 2018?” could you answer quickly and confidently?

If not, then that is where your work needs to focus – in mindset, not in money – in preparing for the new year.

Step 1 in manifesting anything is to state your desire and intention to experience it (“I will…”), and to DECIDE that you will!  De-cide literally means “to cut off” other options.  So that means thinking small is not allowed! 🙂

Step 2 is to know that it is already done, once you state the intention as though it’s already real.

And step 3 is to remain open and expectant, following the inner guidance you receive and taking the opportunities that come along.

“The how is none of our business.”  Our job is so state the WHAT, or as Dr. Michael Beckwith states it, “We don’t need to make anything happen, we just need to make it welcome.”

What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal for your 2018 income? Can you state it out loud – know that it is done – and expect it?

If you are struggling with this, let’s talk! Sometimes focused mindset work and transforming old sabotaging beliefs into empowering beliefs can make all the difference.  Limited times available here.

Have a fun and joyful week!

To your success,

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