Are You Taking Care of You?

There is an old saying that you can’t give from an empty cup.  And that’s definitely true of us coaches!

Today is the one-year anniversary of my mother’s stroke and my taking on the unexpected role of caregiver for 3 months, followed by a series of other “adventures” culminating with the purchase of our home.

And it’s just now that the full impact of this series of events is settling into my body.

Have you had a time (or maybe you’re going through one now) when you weren’t sure you could handle what life threw your way?  The end of the tumultuous circumstances isn’t the end of your integration of the experience…that can continue for months or years into the future.

Coaches are givers – we give of our energy, our time, our expertise and our heart to our clients.  And like any resource, that needs to be recharged periodically.

4 Kinds of Self Care

There are four kinds of self-care that you need to make a priority in your life, whether you’re processing recent transitions or just serving clients and working a few too many hours.

  1. Physical self-care. Our bodies need to be stronger than ever to handle the ongoing role we have as service providers and mentors to our clients.  Daily workouts are a must, at least 5 days a week!  Too busy for 30 minutes at a time? Then do 10 minutes 3 times a day, just walking around the house if you have no other option.  Also important are regular breaks where you get away from all screens (phone, iPad, computer and television) and focus on a pet, nature or your loved ones.  This is a habit of peak performers, which you have the opportunity to be as a coach!
  1. Mental self-care. “Zoning out” gets a bad rap in busy corporate America, but it’s actually good for you when you’re a coach or other entrepreneur!  It’s your time to imagine, to dream, to daydream – or just to let your mind wander and think of nothing at all.  Give your mind a break!  Going to a spa for the day – or just taking a walk in the woods or at the beach – is not only physically refreshing but renews your creativity and emotional center as well.
  1. Emotional self-care. Are there things you need to say to people in your life that you haven’t? Are you holding resentments that are getting in the way of your being the best coach you could? How about your energy state and vibration – is it as clear as it could be? Are you excited about your life? If not, then beginning a gratitude journal, actively using visioning, and honestly communicating with yourself and others will go a long ways toward your emotional health.
  1. Spiritual self-care. Finally (or perhaps this should have been first?) is taking care of your soul.  Your Inner Guidance longs to speak to you – but you must take time to listen to it.  A daily practice of meditation and reading inspirational texts is the best way I know to start your day.  And you can incorporate a workout, reading your vision, and the other kinds of self care into it too!  When you come to your work as a coach from the place of service and sharing from your Higher Self, you offer a much higher level of service than simply coaching from your mental level.  Try it this week – you’ll like it!

These are just a few principles of the Inner Game of Success as an entrepreneur that make all the difference in your ability to successfully implement the Outer Game strategies.  Check out my newest webinar, New Coaching Clients Formula, for tips on both the Inner and Outer Game and how to blend them to sell out the programs you are offering.

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