As the fall wanes here in Oregon, my husband and I happened to catch a beautiful day at the coast to take our new dog Roxy on her first trip to the ocean.  She loved it!  And so did we.

​​​​​​​The coast is the one place where I can really renew and refresh.  Don’t know if it’s the negative ions of the ocean or just the calmness but it’s my “happy place” whenever I need one.

So as we at CCA/CCI begin preparing for our next two Conscious Client Attraction LIVE retreats and our coaching programs going into 2018, here are my suggestions to make sure you don’t overwork as you grow your business next year:

  1. Plan your vacations and personal time FIRST – before work commitments. Ken and Marjorie Blanchard (“One Minute Manager” series) taught me this – and it’s a great practice to reaffirm that the purpose of the business is to serve your life, not the other way around!
  2. Have a specific plan and structure for your services. Whether you use a launch model or – as we do now – an evergreen model, know what you will have available when, and how you are going to share your Magnetic Movement in a powerful way. Money loves clarity – and so does life balance!
  3. Be sure your service delivery model is scalable! If you only offer 1:1 coaching, there is a limit to how may people you can serve.  We have evolved our offerings so that in our new Conscious Client Attraction Mastery and Inner Circle programs for 2017-18, we can serve hundreds of clients in less time than it used to take me to coach 20 individual clients.  Watch the webinar in the Events section below for details on how we do this – and set a time to talk with us if you’re interested in having our support in 2018!

Here’s to life/work balance this week and throughout the coming months!

To your success,



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