I spent this weekend in two states!  One grandson’s amazing wedding in California Saturday and then back for another grandson’t graduation here in Portland.  Here are a few photo highlights.

What I know is that as you see yourself capable of being more you can do more – and therefore you can live more  – more powerfully, more purposefully, and more lovingly.

Today starts our June Coaching Blitz Challenge which is designed to help you make a quantum leap to the next level of your beingness and your success. I invite you to join me – especially if the energy behind those new years resolutions has worn off – and create the life and business you have dreamed of.

Reserve your space here – and join me Friday for a new webinar on a pathway to scale your business and take back your lifestyle freedom.  It’s all about quality, baby!  And that leads to greater impact, income and inspiration.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Have a fabulous week – and be sure to check out the new events below too!

​​​​​​​To your wealth and success,


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