I was so delighted this week to receive the photo you see here – from a group of 60 students we recently trained in Puerto Rico in career coaching.  Don’t they look happy?

One thing I notice about many of us coaches (myself included) is that we don’t stop to enjoy and celebrate our accomplishments.  We set ambitious goals, achieve them, and proceed to set even higher goals.  Sound familiar?

Here are three reasons it’s important to celebrate your successes today:

  1. “What you focus on multiplies.” So if you are always striving and never arriving, you will get more of that!  But if you acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments and enjoy that feeling – even if briefly – it will tell the Universe that you want more of that.
  1. Life comes in cycles.  There is a time to plan, a time to do, and a time to rest.  Celebration can give us that time of rest we need to invite in fresh inspiration for the next phase of our creative work.  It’s as important as sleeping is to our physical bodies!
  1. It’s fun! Yes, you’re allowed to have fun as an entrepreneur – didn’t you get into business to create freedom and wealth for yourself and your family?  Let loose, acknowledge your strengths and recent accomplishments – and invite more into your life this week.

​​​​​​​To your wealth and success,



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