**Attention: Professionals in Transition, Life Coaches, Career Coaches, Marketing Professionals, and Others Wanting to Make a Great Living Doing What They Love**

Does Your Work Allow You the Freedom to Live Your Life’s Purpose Every Day?

Announcing Your Chance to Learn How to Become a Highly Skilled, Highly Paid Business Coach, Working with the Fastest Growing Market There Is: Entrepreneurs!

Dear Motivated Friend,

If you are reading this letter, most likely you are:

  • thinking about starting a business coaching business – but don’t know how to begin (or how to distinguish yourself in the current market)
  • facing setbacks in your industry from the recent economic downturn – and wanting a lucrative new business niche that you can grow quickly
  • wishing you could make a big difference and positive impact – and need to figure out who to work with to do so
  • struggling financially but know there is a way out if you just had the right systems to use and share
  • wanting to learn a coaching method that will compliment existing services you offer (such as seminars, product sales or other coaching specialty)

Then you’ve come to the right place! By learning how to become a business coach, you can do all of this and more – and claim your life back with a profession you LOVE!

All you need is a desire to help others, a willingness to learn, and a passion for inspiring others through your work or business — we’ll provide you with the step by step system for turning your dreams into a reality!

Imagine Your Life as a Business Coach…

Most people work in jobs they don’t enjoy, don’t make enough money – or in these times, don’t have a job at all. In just a few months, you could be making a great living helping them. Picture this:

  • Instead of this: working a grueling 40-hour week, with two weeks’ vacation, a boss you don’t like, a limited salary (and no prospects for increases any time soon), suffering through a commute to work in traffic each day, and having to “dress for success,”
  • You could instead be: your own boss (!), working from a home office, two to three days a week, setting your own hours, choosing your clients, taking off as much time as you wish, realizing an hourly billable rate of $200/hour or more, and if you decided to take the family to the beach or the mall or the park in the middle of the day or week, you could do so (and no one would need to approve it!). You would have the freedom to travel, live where you want, and spend more time with your loved ones (and with yourself too). It’s also very rewarding to see people find the work they love…and begin contributing in a bigger way too.

And it’s not as hard as you think to learn! Just keep reading, and we’re going to show you how to learn the skills you need to demystify the business landscape, help people start and grow a business they LOVE, master marketing and client engagement, and more.

Then you have come to the right place!

What Will I Learn by Attending Your Training?

27_05_01.tif 3
By joining me for this update to our time-tested approach to career coaching – which we have used to train thousands of students from more than 42 countries around the world over the past 13 years – you will learn:

  • what business coaching is – and how it is different from business consulting, mentoring, and related specialties
  • the 3 key components of every coaching session
  • how to bring structure to your coaching and still have room for your uniqueness
  • our trademarked “Inspired Business Jump Start” approach to designing one’s ideal business – these 8 components alone will delight your clients and make your coaching so much easier!
  • our proprietary “QuantumShift! Coaching” model – learn it now in just a few hours, and continue to hone and refine your skills for life!
  • how to use Linkedin and other social media as power marketing tools to help your clients succeed in any market
  • how to protect your mailing list and other confidential information – and get the help you need
  • what a good business plan need to include – and how to use it to get funding
  • discover the marketing tools that work – online and offline – and how to choose the right ones for you or your client
  • learn what your web site should and should not contain – and how to make it the center of a “lead-generating machine” to build your business!
  • know what to delegate and what to do yourself – and how to find great staff members

A Little Bit About Me…

bqTCP_4181-166x250My name is Marcia Bench, and I am a Certified Inspired Business Success Coach and the Founder and Director of the world’s leading career and business coach training school in the world: Inspired Business Institute.  I am the author of 25 books in the coaching and entrepreneurial industry, and have personally coached and trained thousands of individuals in their business start-up and marketing in my 27 years in business. I have grown my coaching businesses (and yes, I have started and grown several) into the mid 6 figures – and we help you grow your business into the size that you want, in addition to teaching you the coaching skills and knowledge you need!

We have developed our proprietary training materials and certification program to set the standard in the industry – and we have certified hundreds of coaches worldwide!

I’d like to invite you to be among the FIRST students to participate in our latest UPDATE to this industry-leading program.

Historically, we have offered this program by teleclass. But as the market has changed, webinars and a video are the new preferred means of learning. (Think about how much time you’ve been on Youtube the past month – ??) So being the trendsetters we are, we’re pioneering again, offering the program in LIVE interactive webinar – led by me personally – with online slides to highlight key points – in this 12-week series. We will then do live Q&A and role plays to help you apply what you learn – and over this short few months, you’ll not only learn coaching skills, but you’ll actually become a coach.

I will take you by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through both the mindset and the specific skills of business coaching – including how to structure each session and build your business – that will make working with clients a breeze, without having to be the “expert” in their field or to work hard to have the answers. (The answers will come from them!)

Over the past 27 years, I have pioneered a formula that enables you to become not just another coach, but a trained specialist in one of the most in-demand, recession-proof specialties there is: business coaching! I can’t wait to share some of the NEW trends in the industry (including social media) and how they make it even easier for you to make a difference in people’s lives! You’ll be able to use your natural coaching skills into a profitable business so you can make the difference you long to make. I have literally made millions of dollars using what I’ll be sharing with you – and you can too!


debRecent Grad Turns Coaching Into 6-Figure Business Within 12 Months

“Since training at IBI I quickly turned my career coaching specialty into a six figure business within one year. My coaching rates doubled instantly due to my expertise and credibility. Clients appreciate and will pay for coaches who have a proven system that works. IBI provides that system, a framework of resources that effectively move clients through career transition, career advancement and leadership, all while achieving work life balance and increased life satisfaction.

As a result, my business more than doubles each year, I’ve worked with large corporations and receive requests for paid speaking engagements, even authoring my own career book this year as well. Thank you IBI for all of the support and resources you offer, certified career and executive coaching classes to how to be an expect speaker and author. Your training is the foundation of my success.”

Debora McLaughlin, The Personal Power of Influence Coach, Nashua, NH

Ready to Enroll? Talk with an Admissions Advisor today:

Our staff are happy to answer any question about the training and we’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.



Why Business Owners Need Your Help Now

business_handshake_800x533-smallThere are at least two reasons that today’s entrepreneurs need your help in crafting their niche, marketing and growth strategy and product funnel:

First, there are more than 28 million small businesses that need your help. Although entrepreneurship was on the rise when I began my profession in the 1980′s, it is exploding now – with many businesses being founded as home-based enterprises. And with millions of people laid off in the recent downturn, many are considering entrepreneurship instead of employment to secure their future.

These millions of entrepreneurs usually have a great idea for their business – but when they realize the hard realities of marketing, sales, and niching, many find themselves unable to continue. (And in fact, more than 80 percent of businesses dissolve within the first year of being founded, often due to lack of business focus and/or capital.) And they don’t need to!

Second, entirely new business models and structures are now needed as the entrepreneurial movement explodes and corporations find their way to new ways of doing business. Business guru Tom Peters has said that “The corporation as we know it will not last another 20 years.” And that was 10 years ago!

A new global consciousness is emerging that brings one’s life purpose and spiritual calling to the forefront of one’s work. (You’re noticing it for yourself too, right?) And with it, business owners need to find a way to effectively do five things:

  1. FOCUS – today’s entrepreneurs are facing more information overwhelm and conflicts in their priorities than any generation in history, and need to have a central point of focus for making decisions and balancing their life as they grow their business
  2. Identify their life purpose and the Core Story that their business expresses, and
  3. Make a strong emotional connection with their customers or clients through a purpose-based message and marketing strategy,
  4. Have a leveraged system and pipeline for delivering those products and services that allows for growth and scalability while affording them the freedom and lifestyle they went into business to achieve, and
  5. Clarify their legacy and growth strategy long-term as well as short-term. (Most business owners haven’t planned past next quarter!)

Our Inspired Business Success System does just that. And you can learn to use our proven systems and tools to help hundreds – or even thousands – of entrepreneurs too!



Here are the Facts About The Profession of Business Coaching

Coaching is a fairly new industry as industries go…it began in 1989. And it is growing by leaps and bounds. So you are getting in on the ground floor of a HUGE opportunity! Here are some facts you will want to know:

Facts about coaching:

  • Coaching is now a $1.5 billion industry
  • Coaching has been rated one of the top ten home-based home-based businesses to start by national business magazines
  • Coaching is the second fastest growing profession next to management consulting

Facts about today’s business owners (business coaches’ clients):

  • There are 28 million small businesses now, resulting in more than 80% of the Gross National Product in the U.S. – that’s some market!
  • Most people change careers 10-14 times during their lifetime – and many of them want to start their own businesses
  • Those in the Millennial generation are starting businesses sooner than their predecessors – and they need the benefit of your expertise too!
  • More than 70% of the Baby Boomers plan to work in retirement – and many of them prefer entrepreneurship to a J.O.B.
  • The corporation as we know it will not exist in 10 years (Tom Peters) – and entrepreneurship is taking its place

Given these facts, you can see why business coaches are in such demand – and there is a virtually unlimited market of dissatisfied, displaced and retiring workers – as well as new service business owners who are struggling to fill their practices.You can learn the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful business coach in just a few months.

What IS Inspired Business Success Coaching?

Business  coaching is a specific way of working with business owners or would-be business owners – over the phone or Skype or, if you prefer, in person – to help them discover what kind of business (new or next stage) would most fulfill them and creating the path to get there. They may be in job transition, or they may simply be unhappy in their current position. They may have an established business and sales are lagging – or they are losing interest in it.  You learn to help by asking coaching questions, providing feedback, helping them stretch beyond what they thought was possible, and keeping them accountable on the path to their goal – including overcoming any barriers that may arise.

You might simply work one-on-one with a select number of clients. Or you might combine your coaching with other related activities such as training, speaking, writing, recruiting, counseling, and creating and selling information products (books, audios, etc.) that help your clients.

We call it “Inspired” business coaching because generic business coaching will not give you a distinction in the marketplace! People are increasingly seeking meaning – in life, work and business.  So as you coach them to create a business that inspires both them and their customers or clients, you contribute positive energy to the marketplace! To “inspire” is to “breathe life into” – and wouldn’t you agree the business world needs this?

Who is Right For Business Coaching

The very first qualification to be a business coach is that you have a sincere desire to help others. Whether you seek to apply coaching within your company or form your own business, it is about helping people realize their dreams – and transcend barriers. It takes a heart-felt commitment to do this!

There are no official prerequisites to be a successful business coach. Our students span many personality types, industries, backgrounds and locations. But most of our students come from one of 5 groups:

a) Successful Professionals: They are successful in their profession – and are just beginning to explore coaching as a next step
b) Early Stage Coaches: They are already a coach and have been dabbling into business coaching with clients – but you want more structure, more content and to feel more confident about it (but don’t want to get an MBA)
c) Coaches Wanting New Niche: They are already a coach, but want to add business coaching as a niche (knowing there are millions of entrepreneurs needing help!)
d) Unhappy Professionals: They work a job that they aren’t totally happy at and spend their days wondering what is next.
e) Natural Coaches: They have natural coaching skills, and have had coaching conversations with some friends and colleagues – but want to formalize their services and learn how to structure them as a professional coach

Sound like you?  And remember, you do not need prior business experience to be a successful Certified Inspired Business Success Coach! If you are in one of these categories – or just want to explore a new, in-demand, lucrative and satisfying business of your own, this training is perfect for you! You will need to possess three types of traits to be successful as a business coach:

  • Excellent ability to communicate. You must be able to listen well, build rapport, and observe strengths and obstacles in clients, and be able to communicate in a positive yet firm way.
  • The entrepreneurial personality (assuming you are seeking to start or expand your own business). This includes being achievement oriented, able to work independently and be self-directed, and to follow through on your goals – even when it gets challenging!
  • Business management skills such as the key elements of a web site, marketing principles, bookkeeping basics for entrepreneurs, sales, finance, business and strategic planning, and the like. (We teach you these too.)

Successful business coaches have gained expertise and adopted habits you will need to cultivate to recreate their success yourself. You’ll learn them in this training!

eliz“Working with Marcia was the single best investment I made this year. I closed three clients at higher fees than I have ever charged, bringing in more than $59,500 of business in just a few weeks! I am now on track to TRIPLE my income this year, and on my way to my goal to start a private health facility for children to manage and overcome anxiety-related illnesses, thanks to Marcia’s masterful coaching.”

Elizabeth Lengyel


Ready to Enroll? Talk with an Admissions Advisor today:

Our staff are happy to answer any question about the training and we’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.


Overview of What You Will Receive

In this training, you will learn how to coach struggling (and thriving) entrepreneurs in:

  • Why they need to think differently to be successful in today’s marketplace (post-downturn) – and exactly how to do so
  • How to connect their life purpose with their business mission and brand – and why to do this now
  • How to identify their ideal customers as a soul-connected “tribe” – and how this one change can make marketing and business planning so much easier
  • Why they need an Inspired Signature System – and how to create one easily and effortlessly
  • How to market their programs and services, online and offline – to more people than ever before
  • How to stop doing one-on-one coaching or service delivery – but still have the satisfaction of facilitating individual transformation – and what to do instead to make more money and have greater impact
  • How to develop their first product, and leverage it into multiple streams of income
  • How to have more free time and freedom in their life
  • Why selling “coaching” or other professional services alone doesn’t work – and what does
  • Why ANY coach or service provider can dramatically increase their fees now – and how!
  • How to sell authentically and from the heart, without being pushy
  • How to find the clients that will pay you what you’re worth – and how to stop working with the rest
  • How to help business owner clients solve their problems from the deep level of beliefs, motivation and inner messaging
  • And much more!


j0441047[1]To become a Certified Inspired Business Success Coach, you will take three courses via webinar and attend a live business-building intensive too.

Course 1: QuantumShift! Coaching (9 weeks)

Master the art of being a coach – from definitions, distinctions and ethics to how to guide your clients to frequent breakthroughs in their personal
awareness and in their business.  You’ll receive training in our one-of-a-kind, proprietary QuantumShift! Coaching model – including 3 increasingly
deep levels of transformation, 3 key steps for every coaching session, how to make your coaching questions more powerful (and know what to ask when) and more.

You’ll experience the blending of your intuition with your intellect when coaching, learn how to blend structure with open-ended coaching with our Curriculum-Based Coaching approach.  Other topics include communication styles, how to overcome self-sabotage and deal with strong client emotions, holding the coaching space, doing your coaching intake session and more.

Course 2: Coaching Inspired Business Success (12 weeks)

social-media-marketingIn addition to know how to coach, you also need to master best practices in helping your clients create a unique brand, message, tribe and series of offerings that express the entrepreneur’s deepest passion and purpose – and provide great value in the world too.  Our world-recognized Inspired Business Jump Start system will help you do just that.

You’ll learn the 8 steps in this paint-by-numbers roadmap – and use it both for your own business launch and growth as well as with your clients!  We begin by helping you fully understand and relate to today’s entrepreneur, and how to reveal the unique gifts and value they are (or will be) established to offer.  Then we explore the Tribe of people they are uniquely positioned to serve, the system or process they will use (we call it an Inspired Signature System) in doing so, and how to turn that into a wide range of variously priced products, programs and/or services.  The business owner realizes the magic of leverage and passive income – and they’ll be thanking you by now!

Next, we design strategies for the business web site and online presence as well as both online and offline (in person) marketing strategies that will serve them best.  We’ll help you know when to use email marketing, video, social media, affiliate promotion, article marketing, blogging, podcasting, telesummits and more – as well as speaking, referrals, networking and other in-person strategies.  Finally, we help the business owner master the art of sales (we call it Inspired Client Enrollment) with an easy-to-follow checklist that works every time.

Course 3: Your Business Start-up & Growth Strategy (9 weeks)

Marketing is important – but it’s not the only thing!  In this course you become familiar with the non-marketing aspects of business that your clients will want your input on, such as their vision, mission and overall goals; their business name and how to protect/register it, their legal entity (whether or not to incorporate), and logistics such as office space, equipment, insurance, various advisors needed, and the grand opening.

We will also explore legal issues such as protecting mailing list and other proprietary information, how to get start-up capital and do ongoing financial management, how to read an income statement and balance sheet, differences between bookkeeper and accountant and when you need each, and the best systems to use to have reports you need at your fingertips.

Finally, we address staffing, systems, time management and self-care (after all, you got into this business to work less and have more personal time, right?).  We then strategize your individual launch plan and business growth approach to set you up for success now and in the future.

mm4-smallLive Business Breakthrough Intensive

Approximately halfway through your training, you will get an opportunity to join your classmates and instructor for a LIVE, in-person 1.5-day Business Breakthrough Intensive.  This is where the “rubber meets the road” and your training and new role as a coach become real.  You will participate in coaching role-plays with classmates, get feedback on your coaching, and experience hot seat coaching on your brand definition, marketing, and business building.  You’ll leave with a clear strategy for getting your first (or next) 10 clients – before you even graduate!

There’s no better way to learn than to apply what you have heard and seen in the virtual classes in a real, live setting.  It will catapult your coaching business growth in a very short time – as well as build your coaching confidence and ability to start talking with prospective clients right away.

Ready to Enroll? Talk with an Admissions Advisor today:

Our staff are happy to answer any question about the training and we’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.


How You Can Make Money as a Certified Inspired Business Success Coach

money-homeHere are three easy ways you can begin immediately making money and offering more value to your clients – and they are WAITING for this guidance!

FIRST Way to Make Money As A Certified Inspired Business Success™ Coach
Offer the complete Inspired Business Jump Start™ system as a workshop with optional coaching (included with your certification training) to live groups, in teleseminars, in virtual workshops, live workshops, in monthly membership programs, in weekend intensives, or with 1-on-1 clients.  The income potential with this option can easily be 6-figures and above!

SECOND Way to Make Money As A Certified Inspired Business Success™ Coach
Incorporate any one of the individual Inspired Business Jump Start™ systems into your existing coaching services, workshop or seminar programs, or other services.  This option can make it easier to close sales and enroll clients AND you will receive the added benefit of longer client retention too!

THIRD Way to Make Money As A Certified Inspired Business Success™ Coach
Offer any ONE of the individual Inspired Business Jump Start™ systems as a stand-alone workshop, teleseminar or program. This option can quickly increase your monthly income within weeks of completing your training.

How You Can Earn Back Your Investment – QUICKLY!

Here are a couple of ways you could make back your investment in this training within just 30 days of our time together:

1. One VIP client day (with perhaps even an existing client): $5000
2. Two half-day VIP sessions (2 different clients) at $2500 each = $5000
3. One 5-week teleseries with 5 participants (being very conservative) paying $997 apiece: 5 x $997 = $4985 (if you had 10 participants, you would make twice that or nearly $10,000)
4. One day-long live seminar with 10 participants paying $497 = $4970

These are just examples – but you can see just doing one of these strategies will pay back more than your training investment. And you don’t need a huge list to do any of them!


“I started this class with an established career counseling practice, but wanting to develop coaching programs and tailor my offerings to the needs of mature workers and pre-retirees. With Marcia’s coaching, I had the sudden insight as to what was central to ALL of my offerings, which allowed me to streamline and clarify them instantly! Opportunities to speak, coaching requests and an exciting possibility for an alliance have just started coming out of the woodwork with my newfound clarity. Thanks Marcia!”

Jenni Proctor,Career Clarity.com

Course Schedule

events-calendarWe know you have a busy life – whether you are taking your coach training full-time or squeezing it into a full-time work schedule.  So we’ve designed it to keep you focused on your learning but not take too much of your time.  Classes meet the first 3 weeks of each month, with the fourth week designed for catch-up, field work as desired, and just taking a break if you need it.

Your three courses are staggered throughout the 6 months of the training.  You begin with one class only for the first month, class two runs in tandem with it in months 2 and 3, and when class 1 ends, you attend classes 2 and 3 each week in months 4 and 5, ending with just your Start-up/Growth class in month 6.

The Business Breakthough Intensive is usually held at the end of month 3, depending on holiday schedules.  Rest assured, you can discuss the specifics with your Admissions Advisor when you have your application interview.  Classes begin Tues., September 23, 2014.

Karen-McGeehan-pic“When I first met Marcia I was frustrated with the way I was operating as a business. I felt disorganized and overwhelmed. I also needed help in marketing and promoting myself. My program offerings did not have a flow and were very scattered. Marcia helped me immensely with systematizing my business to the point of seeing larger revenue potential I never thought possible. In my very first live preview, I made nearly $7,000 – with just couple of dozen people in the room! Thanks Marcia.”Karen McGeehan

Inner View Nutrition

Inspired Business Jump Start

You also get your very own copy of our entire Inspired Business Jump-Start System – which you will be using with your new clients – FREE when you register for the training  (a $997 value)! This robust Business Acceleration Program includes 16 CD’s and a 145-page comprehensive manual you will refer to over and over again.

lynnely“When I first met Marcia, I was just starting my new business, and I was overwhelmed, chasing in a million different directions, and not sure how to most effectively share my message and blessing with all of the moms I wanted to help. Through Marcia’s step-by-step guidance and on-going support, I have successfully created my “Making Time For ME™” signature system, which has given me confidence and clarity regarding my ideal audience, the message I want to share with them, and how best to build and implement my offerings.”

Lynn Ely
The Evolving Moms Coach™

Benefits You Receive

ibsc-toolslist-smallThis course is unique among coach training programs in that you gain not only the guidance and mentoring in our teleseries, but also all the forms and templates you need to use with clients and in your own business too to implement the Inspired Business Success System. In addition, you receive:

  1. 6 months of content-packed webinar training with Marcia and the other coaches-in-training
  2. Detailed handouts for each course – a total of more than 350 pages of discussion of each principle, exercises, forms and templates
  3. More than 80 forms, templates and checklists you can use with clients or in your own business to incorporate the Inspired Business Success System™ (see excerpt at right)
  4. Caring mentoring and guidance on how to incorporate the tools we discuss into your business – and how to use them effectively with clients
  5. License to use and customize all of the Inspired Business Success System™ Tools and Strategies with your clients either as an entire system or in modules, based on what works best for you
  6. Listing in the Online Directory of Certified Inspired Business Success Coaches™ (must meet all certification criteria)
  7. Certified Inspired Business Success Coach™ logo you can display on your website and in your marketing materials


You also receive these bonuses when you enroll:



NEW AND UPDATED Million Dollar Resource List 2014

All of the vendors we recommend for each stage of your own business development and that of your clients. From fulfillment to web design, graphics to shopping carts, you will save tons of time and energy with our prescreened list!



Marcia’s Special Report “80 Free Ways to Promote Your Business in Any Economy”

If you have seemingly run out of promotion strategies – or are looking for ideas to jump-start your business – look no further! Here are 80 ways that are absolutely free to promote your services – now and in the future!


Admission Tickets

Free ticket to our 2015 Inspired Coaches Conference ($997 value)

You will join your classmates and graduates from throughout our 13-year history to celebrate graduation and other milestones, network, and learn together in a 3-day event next spring.


How You Get Certified

To become a Certified Inspired Business Success Coach, you simply complete 4 requirements:

  1. Attend the 6 months of webinars (or listen to recordings)
  2. Submit feedback forms on each
  3. Coach practice clients (at least 2) for a total of 12 hours and have them complete an evaluation form
  4. Submit certification application plus certification fee

Ready to Enroll? Talk with an Admissions Advisor today:

Our staff are happy to answer any question about the training and we’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.


“Love This Training or Your Money Back” Guarantee

bqTCP_4181-166x250Register for my “Certified Inspired Business Success Coach Training” now, and attend the first 2 sessions.

Then, if, for any reason, by the end of session 2, you honestly feel you did not get MORE than the information promised, just let me know personally, quietly return your materials, and tell me you want to return the remainder of the program. You won’t owe any more payments.

You see, I ONLY want to coach and train people who love what they get from all my expertise, caring and attention. I KNOW that nothing out there comes CLOSE to the experience and information in this program. So this “From the Heart ” guarantee is my way of taking ANY worry off your shoulders about making this important decision. You have my word on it!

Marcia Bench guarantee



Inspired Business Success Coach

checkmark1 Yes , Marcia, I want to become a Certified Inspired Business Success Coach™ now!

I understand with my investment, I’ll receive the following:

  • 3 full courses over 6 months with Marcia where she teaches me how to coach using her proven 8-step Inspired Business Success System, and how to start and grow my own business
  • More than 80 TEMPLATES and FORMS to help me launch or grow my coaching business and use with my clients
  • Mentoring and coaching in class on how to incorporate the IBJS principles into my business
  • License to use and customize the tools you learn
  • Listing in your Online Coaches Directory (once I am certified) along with a logo I can display on my web site
  • Certified Inspired Business Success Coach logo (upon completion of all requirements)
  • My own copy of your Inspired Business Jump Start Program (a $997 value)

Not only all that, but you get these bonuses as my gift to you!

  • BONUS #1: Marcia’s Million Dollar Recommended Resource List
  • BONUS #2: “80 Free Ways to Promote Your Business in Any Economy” report
  • BONUS #3: FREE ticket to 2015 Inspired Coaches Conference  ($997 value)

Plus I know I’m protected by Marcia’s “Love This Training or Your Money Back” Guarantee (good for 30 days). My investment is risk free!


Ready to Enroll?  Talk with an Admissions Advisor today:

Our staff are happy to answer any question about the training and we’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.


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