Discover Your Goal Setting Type to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

If you’ve ever struggled to set or achieve goals, it may likely be because you are trying to emulate someone else’s style that isn’t really you!

I remember in coaching school we did an assessment that totally opened my eyes to this.  Up to that time, I had always thought of myself as a very analytical, listmaking type of person that loved structure.  But I found out that there were gremlins inside – and they wanted out!

In truth, I was someone who loved “organized spontaneity” – so whenever someone (like a boss for instance!) tried to tighten the screws with rigid rules, I rebelled!  And as the oldest child in my family I could do it with the best of them…

So in the model below, I thought I was a Micromanger, when I’m actually an Initiator.  And that has helped me build fun and spontaneity into my days and my scheduling – so my inner gremlins are working with me instead of against me!

As you start thinking about the new year, consider YOUR authentic Goal Setting Type – and incorporate it into your planning.  Join us for our training, “How to Attract Higher Paying Clients in 30 Days or Less Combining Numerology and Advanced Strategy” Mon. and Tues. Nov. 21-22 (or encore Dec. 2) for more!  http://www.highpayingclientsclass.com


Type 1: Avoider (Goal Averse)

  • Dislikes setting goals
  • Prefers to “go with the flow” and live spontaneously
  • Does not know his/her current financial status, weight or other “statistics”
  • Motivated by what feels good in the moment, but not by measuring change
  • Beliefs:
    • If I set goals, I’ll feel constrained or trapped
    • The best way to solve a problem is to generate more options

 Type 2: Martyr (Goal Pleaser)

  • Sets goals to please others or to meet their expectations
  • Their life activities and pace mirror that of their partner, parents or other significant other
  • May or may not know his/her current financial status, weight or other “statistics” – but will look to others to approve what they know and any progress
  • Motivated by others’ approval, disassociated from their own needs
  • Beliefs:
    • If I set goals and achieve them, others will like me
    • My needs are less important than those I serve or am in relationship with 

Type 3: Initiator (Goal Lover)

  • LOVES setting goals
  • Prefers to have structure and live according to a routine
  • Has at least some sense of his/her current financial status, weight, etc.; can be perfectionists
  • Motivated by “having a plan,” and by measuring change
  • Beliefs:
    • Without goals, my life lacks direction
    • The best way to solve a problem is to develop a plan to do so

Type 4: Micromanager (Goal Addict) 

  • Loves setting goals and making highly detailed plans
  • Likes uber-structure in their life and wants others to follow that structure – so they are great managers
  • Know in excruciating detail his/her current financial status, weight or other “statistics”
  • Motivated by control and structure – but not by spontaneity; lean toward overwork
  • Beliefs:
    • If I’m going to set goals, I need an entire action plan too for it to be complete
    • Information, knowledge and plans provide power


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