I had an incredible experience attending the Big Bold Event last weekend hosted by my friend and colleague, Vanessa Shaw (pictured here).

And one of the lessons she taught related to how we choose our clients.  I love her metaphor: some clients are “champagne” clients (totally ideal, appreciate you and take action on your coaching), some are “wine” clients (a pretty good fit, some take your advice and coaching and some fail to take action), and some are “beer” clients (don’t respect you, request discounts, resist your coaching and don’t get results).

Which do you want to populate your practice with? You DO have a choice!  (At least if you own your own business you do.)

And here’s the thing: if you fill your practice with beer clients, it will actually repel the champagne clients – they won’t feel like they belong.

​​​​​​​So I invite you to take a look at who you’re working with now, and who your ideal business is filled with.  Do they align?  And if not, what do you need to do to bring more of the champagne type into your life?

Have an awesome week – and do join me this Thurs. for a brand NEW training – see Events below – on the chakras and your business growth.

To your success,

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