Dream It, DO It! Retreat

7 Keys to Consciously Attracting All the Ideal Clients You Want

A Transformational Weekend Coaching Experience for Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Embrace a Higher Calling, Bigger Impact and Lasting Legacy in the World Through Their Work

There’s a wave of transformation and up-leveling happening, do you feel it?

Whether you are a new coach or healer, or someone with years of experience ready to rebrand and spice things up, now is the time!  The world needs us now more than ever before – and in this transformational weekend, you’ll get all the support you need to up-level, break through and stand solidly in the bigger You that is beckoning to you.

So you’re in the right place if you:

  • Feel like you’re ready to birth something new in your transformational coaching or healing business
  • Are facing some fear and uncertainty about the up-leveling process
  • Have some success already and want to have an even bigger impact through the work you’re doing next

You can do this!  I believe you were given the passion you have for a specific reason: to help transform others’ lives for the better. And the new form it is taking is needed for you to evolve on your path AND because the world is waiting for what you long to offer.

But that means you will need to:

  • Clarify your focus regarding what is coming, the steps you need to take, and who you need to become in order to allow it to manifest through you
  • Embody the mindset and heart-set of a 6- or even 7-figure earner – and make your decisions from there
  • Become unstoppable as you confidently attract more, earn more and become more

I’m Marcia Bench, Manifesting and Marketing Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs as well as Best Selling 25-time Author, and Speaker/Trainer.  I’ve been working with entrepreneurs just like you for more than 25 years, helping you develop your brand, learn to coach, market and fill your coaching programs, and develop the mindset of abundance and success.  Besides my degrees in psychology and law, I’ve studied metaphysics and personal growth and success for 30 years.  I literally created the industry of career coaching and helped coaches in 45 countries master coaching and marketing – and have been a business coach since before we had the internet!  Most of my work is done online through our 4-month group coaching program, mastermind groups and webinars…but this fall I’m making a rare exception and hosting a LIVE coaching experience at one of my favorite places in the world: the Columbia River.

I invite you to join me LIVE for the Dream It DO It Transformational Retreat!

In this 3-day experience, you will master and personally experience these four key principles:

Clarify Your Purpose and Calling

What are you really here to do – and with whom? What kind of programs best express your purpose now? You will gain clarity about what your Higher Self is calling you to next and your gift to the world.

Clear Blocks to Your Abundance

What is blocking you from fully stepping into your new calling now? Retreat processes will transform old beliefs, self-sabotage patterns, fears, and stuck energy from past trauma.

Receive Divine Guidance and Your Inspired Plan

What are you being guided to create now? What is the best structure for your new message? We will look at both big picture business models for spiritual entrepreneurs and how to soulfully package, price and offer your services to be a win-win-win for all.

Manifest Cash and Client Flow

How can you embody the mindset of a 6- or 7-figure business owner? How do you position yourself for massive growth in the next 12 months? Retreat processes will help you create physical and energetic space and structure to receive cash and client flow in ever-increasing amounts going forward.

Since working with you, I have been able to tie so many loose ends together.  I was able to secure a new client for just under $5k based on a coaching package I’ve developed from what I learned. Your materials are quality work and you demonstrate a solid blend of compassion and competence in what you do. The boost you’ve provided is just what I needed to jump start the new year!”

Tanya Smith, Be Promotable

How I Got Here

Though I have a lot of accolades and successes to my credit, it hasn’t been without struggle.  I was the shyest kid in school growing up – even a little nerdy! And it took me years to develop my confidence to be able to coach others and speak to groups without wanting to run off stage.

I got a degree in psychology (loved it!) and still am fascinated by human behavior.  Then I went on to study law and practiced for a few years…even did some consulting and teaching on the side…but the legal role didn’t fit.  I needed to stretch my wings – so I sold my law practice and my home and hit the road with my first book, traveling by RV.  After those 65 seminars over a year’s time, I went back to 1:1 work with executives – and got even closer to burnout with the demands of a 1:1 practice.

Wasn’t there a better way?

I got my coaching credentials, and immediately implemented one of the 5 coaching business models that allows for freedom and leverage – I offered a certification.  And voila!  I could teach and mentor 20 or more people at once – in less time and for more money!

And those models that allow you freedom in your life and work are what I primarily teach now…and what we will explore together at the Dream It DO It! Retreat.

(Oh, and I also have a very strong personal and spiritual growth background, so we’ll look at mindset, beliefs, and how to manifest your desires too, as I do in all of my classes and client work!)

“When I first met Marcia I was frustrated with the way I was operating as a business. I felt disorganized and overwhelmed, needed help in marketing and promoting myself, and my program offerings did not have a flow and were very scattered. Marcia helped me immensely with systemizing my business to the point of seeing larger revenue potential I never thought possible. The most significant take away has been the development of my Signature System, which has helped my program organization and create a BUZZ about my services. I made more than $7000 in a recent one-hour presentation – nearly 4 times what I would have been paid using my old approach! I know I now have the pieces of puzzle necessary to thrive, not just survive.”

Karen McGeehan, Inner View Nutrition

Here’s What’s Possible

Instead of banging your head trying to figure it all out, struggling with technology that isn’t you mode of genius, and/or burning out working with clients only 1:1, you could be:

  • Serving more of your ideal clients from the comfort of your home office, using state of the art (but affordable) technology that’s easy to use
  • Getting paid more per hour than you’ve earned in some months
  • Free of your fear of rejection in the sales/client enrollment process
  • Benefiting from a consistent stream of your ideal clients coming in 24/7 so you can relax and enjoy your business, and your life!
  • Charge more for your services and provide even greater value as you create communities, not just coaching calls
  • Enjoying weekends off and taking regular vacations with your family

Here’s What You’ll Gain by Attending the Retreat

  1. Clarity on what you really offer – and a clear path to grow your business with ease
  2. Confidence on how to package your services and what to charge
  3. Deep knowing of your life purpose and how to build a thriving business around it
  4. Courage to step outside your comfort zone and really BE the leader and coach you are meant to be
  5. Clear the confusion about technology – what do you REALLY need to effortlessly enroll and nurture and serve your ideal clients?
  6. Your mindset of prosperity, wealth and success – and how to recreate it each and every day as you grow
  7. Answers to the questions you have, delivered personally and 1:1 in a safe environment of live learning and transformation

Here’s an In Depth Look at What We’ll Explore Together

Know that although we are setting these four takeaways for our time together, I will allow the energy to flow organically to what the participants most need.  So rest assured that however the agenda unfolds, it will perfectly meet the needs of all who attend!

Clarify Your Purpose and Calling

What are you really here to do – and with whom? What kinds of programs and services best express your purpose now?  There is a part of you that knows your purpose – but it may be hidden from your conscious mind.  And if you can’t yet clearly express it, then you won’t be fully aligned with all of the success and wealth that could be yours.

We’ll mine the depths of your past experiences and challenges as well as your passions and natural talents to discover WHO you are at depth, and who you are meant to SERVE as a result of those experiences and passions.  And what are your goals going forward for expressing your purpose in new ways? Your up-level is simply your purpose finding form in a higher vibration and impact than you’ve ever had before.

Clear Blocks to Your Abundance


We have all had past experiences that disempowered us, wounded us, and hurt us in various ways.  Some of these cause us to wall ourselves off from future hurt, other times we store blocks in our energy system, and still other times we may find ourselves facing fear, worry and even self-sabotage when faced with similar situations.

At the retreat, we will help you identify your biggest blocks and gently release them so you can be open to all the good and abundance that is available.

Receive Divine Guidance and Your Inspired Plan

How attuned are you to the Divine Guidance that is available to you? We’ll help you distinguish true guidance from the chatter in your head, and give you real-time opportunities to receive clear guidance about your next steps.

Then, we will help you use your guidance to lay out an actionable plan hat is perfect for your ideal lifestyle, income goals, client type and business model.  And it will be designed to generate leads 24/7 thanks to online technology – so you’re never without people to work with!

Manifest Cash and Client Flow

With your purpose, clear energy and inspired plan in hand, now it’s time to manifest, baby! How can you embody the mindset of a 6- or 7-figure business owner? How do you position yourself for massive growth in the next 12 months?

Whatever successes, beliefs and mindset got you to where you are now, they won’t take you to where you want to go next – that’s the evolution you’re preparing for.  So we’ll create opportunities to develop your prosperity mindset right in the retreat itself – and you can take that home with you to create the income and success you desire!

Our Venue

We have chosen the gorgeous Red Lion Jantzen Beach – newly remodeled in the past year – in Portland, Oregon for the retreat.  There is no better place to do creative and transformational work than by the water.  And this hotel is within minutes of the Portland International Airport but feels like a world apart.

Here are some images of the venue where we’ll be meeting (and where we encourage you to stay to cultivate your prosperity mindset too, special room rate available):


Registration is limited to no more than 15 participants – so reserve your space today! 

October 19-21, 2017

Red Lion Jantzen Beach

Portland, Oregon


Dream It DO It! Retreat – $997$497 Early Bird

Dream It DO It Retreat -3 payments of $185

“I started working with Marcia because I was specifically looking for an expert who could help me to define and create my own ‘signature system’. By the end of only my fourth session with Marcia I had my system outline in place.

Using the Signature Talk and other systems Marcia helped me develop, I have generated an additional $70k in revenue and have a plan in place to double that. ”

Anne Phelan Your Opportunity Expert

During a short time working with Marcia, I honed in on the professional expression of my life purpose and gained tremendous clarity and focus. I created a website and a Facebook business page. I set up several administrative systems including payment processing, calendar booking, e-mail capturing, and bookkeeping. I created a Signature System, obtained my domain name, developed an offer structure, and created a flyer to promote the program.  I felt supported by Marcia and the group throughout while being challenged to reach beyond what I imagined possible. Marcia broke down the steps needed to quickly start my business in clear, progressive, doable tasks and kept me accountable to a schedule.

Laura Kosak, MA, Relationship Coach


As a retreat attendee, you also get these juicy bonuses to enhance your transformation:

Bonus 1: Immediate Access to Our Your Coaching Brand Online Training to accelerate the creation of your brand and offer BEFORE you even come to the retreat!  A $997 value, this training also includes a bonus training on sales and client enrollment – so you get a huge jump start prior to attending.

Bonus 2: Marcia’s Million Dollar Resource List – No need to get overwhelmed and confused about which software and systems to use for your coaching programs – we’ve prescreened these and use them every day in our business, and recommend them for you too!

Bonus 3: Discover Your Life Purpose Audio Set – Get clear on your life purpose with our two most popular exercises AND a professionally recorded Hay House audio Marcia created in their studio.

Bonus 4: Marcia’s ebook Tao of Entrepreneurship, her 52-week meditation guide for entrepreneurs.  Start embodying the high-earning entrepreneur mindset and heart-set in advance of the retreat so we create an even higher vibration while there!


Registration is limited to no more than 15 participants – so reserve your space today! 

October 19-21, 2017

Red Lion Jantzen Beach

Portland, Oregon

Dream It DO It! Retreat – $997$497 Early Bird

Dream It DO It Retreat -3 payments of $185

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