This past weekend was a holiday for the US and Canada – Independence Day here and Canada Day in Canada.

With the focus on freedom, my question for you is: ​​​​​​​how free are you? 

If you’re already a coach, you got into business to get free from the boss, the commute, dressing for success and the corporate grind.  But are you more free now? Are you allowing yourself to work with whom you want, when you want, earn what you want and enjoy personal and family time too?

​​​​​​​Many coaches and entrepreneurs get stuck in the details and logistics of their business – or burn up countless hours doing marketing and client services – and never really find the freedom they sought.

Exercise: Keep a time log this week so you know where every minute goes. Then evaluate it at the end of the week – what could you (a) delegate to a V.A. or other helper, (b) systematize, or (c) eliminate entirely?

​​​​​​​Then, also consider unleveling your business model from 1:1 services only to a group model.  That’s what our Sold Out Coaching Programs mentoring and training program is designed to help you do!  Check out the details here – and if you’re struggling with lack of freedom in your life, let’s chat! Just book a free consult at

Happy tracking!

​​​​​​​To your wealth and success,


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