It was such a blessing to be able to be with my mom, brother and husband in Phoenix to celebrate my mom’s 84th birthday last week. She’s had some major health challenges the past year but she’s a trooper!

And it reminds me that gratitude, as we use the term at Conscious Client Attraction, is an active practice we engage in BEFORE we have the physical results.

Example: you set the intention to attract 10 participants into your next webinar series or class.  As you set the intention, it’s THEN that you say “I’m so happy and grateful that the perfect 10 people are now being drawn to me to learn from me, at the perfect time.  I am a Divine Conduit designed to share my unique message, and I open to the perfect people now!”

That kind of active gratitude – in addition to acknowledging and giving thanks for the actual appearance of those people or whatever thing you are intending to attract – keeps you in the vibration to attract more and more.  Your life keeps expanding and so does your work!

Those of you in the U.S., enjoy a very happy Thanksgiving with friends and family this week – and safe travels to all!

To your success,

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