How To Optimize Your Holiday and Year-End Marketing

with Marcia Bench, Wealth & Business Mentor

Want to get a huge competitive advantage during December?  Learn how to AMP UP your marketing – now stop it – during the last two weeks of the year!

I have closed some of my biggest deals – even a corporate staff training – during the last week of the year many times.  But it didn’t happen by accident!

On this 30-minute training (we’re keeping it short, knowing you are busy during this time of year), you will discover:

7 little known strategies that can help you end the year strong (even with only 10 days left!)

How the tax laws can actually stimulate sales – but you need to tell your clients about this

How to find hidden revenues ONLY available at the holidays

BONUS: how giving away your services can actually create immediate revenue

 Join us on Wednesday, December 21 at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific to get these secrets.

Don’t give up on your 2016 goals yet!

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