Are you feeling confused about your future direction, or exactly what to offer or who to focus on serving in your business?

Whether this is your first business/career or your tenth, there is an inner compass you can follow that will show you both what gifts you are here to share and how to direct them into the world.  The lens we look through is numerology.

Numerology, in essence, is the study of the energy of numbers – especially those revealed in your birth date and birth name – as a way to access your soul’s ultimate agenda for your life.  It in turn gives you more tangible access to your intuition and spiritual gifts so that you can use them effectively in a job, career or business to realize true inner (and outer) success.  I first discovered it through a friend when I was in my 20’s, and the amazing insights it gave stuck with me (though I didn’t study it at that time).

Then just a few years ago, after more than 25 years of work with entrepreneurs and professionals, helping them hone their brand, market their services, develop their web site and enroll clients, the thought kept coming to me to look more deeply into numerology.  And knowing my intuitive nudges as I do, I followed the thought!

As a Certified Numerologist, 25-time author and speaker/trainer/coach, numerology has helped more than perhaps any other tool in showing me the true path to wealth – for me, with my unique gifts and soul’s agenda.  It has allowed me to rebrand with ease, create dozens of programs that were eagerly received by my audiences, and fill my coaching practice multiple times within weeks.  And I’ve helped many clients do the same!

Your Life Path reveals the “raw materials” you came into this lifetime with – talents, abilities, skills, and even intuitive or spiritual gifts that come easily to you.  These are your areas of genius – where you should focus your work and even your leisure activities!

But as the authors of Now Discover Your Strengths and the other books in that series discovered, instead of focusing on their genius areas, most people try to bring their weaknesses up to par with others that are naturally strong in that area.  So the musician tries to become a business executive; the introverted but gifted writer tried to take on a role in an aggressive sales organization.  And they wonder why they are unhappy, unfulfilled, and where the heck the bliss they are seeking went!

There is much more to your overall Divine Soul’s Blueprint than just the Life Path, but it does comprise 40 percent of your personality.  So it’s important to know!

To discover yours and find out which of the 11 Life Paths you are meant to embrace – as well as its meaning on your path to creating wealth through your business – pick up a copy today of our newest free tool, Your 2017 Life Path Money Compass here:  We think you’ll be enlightened by what you learn!

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