Our theme for last weekend’s Conscious Client Attraction LIVE was freedom… freedom in our work, freedom to travel, freedom to spend more time with family (or alone!), more spa days, and more choice about our life overall.

What we know is that the traditional way coaching schools teach us to package and market our services does NOT lead to freedom!

That is why I created the Conscious Client Attraction model.

True freedom only happens when you have (a) a Magnetic Message, (b) a way of sharing it that happens no matter whether you are directly talking with a prospect or not (even while you sleep!), and (c) skillful application of the Invisible Laws of Success to accelerate the process.

I am so excited that those who attended the retreat this weekend – and especially those that became the first members of our new Conscious Client Attraction Inner Circle! – are already in the process of creating the freedom they desire.

To create freedom in your own life, here are some next steps:

  1. Watch your email and my Facebook page – we’ll be sharing highlights from the event and details about the new mentoring program later this week!
  2. Plan to attend our December Conscious Client Attraction Live, scheduled in Phoenix so you can escape the winter weather just when you’ve about had enough!
  3. Contact us to schedule a personal conversation to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them while overcoming what has held you back so far.

Have a fabulous week!

To your success,



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