The past week has been filled with ups and downs – motivation and joy sharing time with James Malinchak and with 300 entrepreneurs who attended From Passion to Profits (that’s me with two of my coaching buddies there up above)…and then the tragic shooting in Vegas on the day I left.

Time with family, a day in the office and then off to another learning and networking event for speakers.

I LOVE live learning – and if you haven’t experienced it lately I highly encourage you to do so. (See invitation to our Conscious Client Attraction Live Retreat – just a few spots left.)

And what’s required to attract clients, whether to a live event or a webinar or as a coaching client, is to create a true movement – that compels people to rally behind a cause.  For us, it’s ​​​​​​​combining spirituality and marketing to form a movement and micro-niche that make a difference – and helping our clients do the same.

Here are the 3 elements of a Magnetic Movement:

First, you need to know what precise group of people you serve. (And that means knowing who you don’t serve too!)

Second, you need to know ​​​​​​​what challenge or problem they have that you can help them solve.

And third, you need to determine how your story makes your services juicy and relevant to them.

To learn more and create YOUR Magnetic Movement, join us at the retreat.

Have a fabulous week!

To your success,



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