How much income have you decided to attract this week?  Did you know you can make that choice?

You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and say to the waitress, “Bring me something good to eat” would you?  Not having an income intention is the same thing.

So to enjoy abundance in your life and business, here are four necessary keys:

  1. Have a vision of what you want to create – in your business and your life.  (This is like your “order” for the Universe to fulfill.)
  1. Embody that vision by sitting in meditation and imagining yourself living the life you have envisioned.
  1. Use affirmations to continually retrain and refocus your mind on your goals and vision.  For example, “I am so happy and grateful that I am now attracting $17,000 or more this week from eager, enthusiastic clients and other channels.”
  1. Track your income daily as well as other key indicators that lead to your goal.  Money loves attention, and loves to come into an organized space.  Are your wallet, your checkbook, your bill paying method and your investments organized and ready for more?

Try these four keys this week and let me know how the manifesting goes!  And to learn more, join us tomorrow in our Conscious Client Attraction Training.

To your success,

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