Do you have a passionate desire to serve clients, but are feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the steps required to hone your niche, create your online presence, start marketing your services and getting paying clients?

Wishing you could quickly get your basic structure in place and start earning great money NOW?

Then you’re in the right place…and I’m so glad we’ve connected.

My name is Marcia Bench, and I’ve been where you are! It’s one thing to have a passion and purpose coupled with a deep desire to serve…it’s quite another to build a business that works while you are sleeping to bring you qualified prospective clients, right? And with the ways to reach clients changing daily – especially in social media and online avenues – it can seem like a full-time job just to keep up!

I talk every day to new and seasoned coaches, healers, enlightened entrepreneurs, transitioning managers and business owners feeling just the way you do…And the same questions come up: how do I market? what will get me out there coaching – for good money – faster? What niche is best for me? And how do I attract my first 10 clients?

So I knew I needed to develop a solution that would simplify the process, using a PROVEN and tested system for client lead generation, and that anyone could do.

What if there were a predictable roadmap for your niche definition and marketing that would let you FAST TRACK your business and fill it in weeks or months – instead of years?

Now there is!

After being a successful entrepreneur blending my spiritual life purpose and my knack for creating and setting up systematic processes for more than 20 years, I’m now ready to share my secrets to help YOU stop the overwhelm, the frustration, and any knowledge gaps you may have.

I started out as a frustrated lawyer, opening a part-time speaking business in my spare bedroom…and grew it eventually to $400,000 in revenue, with clients in 37 countries, working from the convenience of my home office! But it all starts with the right foundation…and that’s what I am offering to give you in this course.

Without the kind of guidance I’m going to give you in this 8-week series, I see people spending weeks or months floundering, taking one class after another, reading books, trying to figure it all out…and meanwhile they aren’t making money or coaching yet!

And if the recent economic downturn has affected you, you need new strategies to restart your business! This course will also be just what you need to create a strong financial future.

“When I first met Marcia I was frustrated with the way I was operating as a business. I felt disorganized and overwhelmed, needed help in marketing and promoting myself, and my program offerings did not have a flow and were very scattered. Marcia helped me immensely with systemizing my business to the point of seeing larger revenue potential I never thought possible. The most significant take away has been the development of my Signature System, which has helped my program organization and create a BUZZ about my services. I made more than $7000 in a recent one-hour presentation – nearly 4 times what I would have been paid using my old approach! I know I now have the pieces of puzzle necessary to thrive, not just survive.”

Karen McGeehan, Inner View Nutrition

What You Will Learn

Here are just a few of the takeaways you can count on from this amazing program:

  • Why you need to think differently to be successful in the Era of Enlightenment – and exactly how to do so
  • A clear plan to attract your first (or next) 10 clients
  • How to connect your life purpose with your business mission and soul’s purpose (as revealed in Business Numerology)
  • How to identify your ideal customers as a soul-connected “tribe” – and how this one change can make marketing and business planning so much easier
  • Why you need an Inspired Signature System – and how to create one easily and effortlessly
  • How to use Social Media to turbo-charge your reach, connect your tribe, and establish yourself as the throught leader in your industry
  • How to market your programs and services, online and offline – to more people than ever before
  • How to stop doing one-on-one coaching or service delivery – but still have the satisfaction of facilitating individual transformation – and what to do instead to make more money and have greater impact
  • How to develop and launch your first product, and leverage it into multiple streams of income
  • How to have more free time and freedom in your life
  • Why selling “coaching” or other professional services alone doesn’t work – and what does
  • How to sell authentically and from the heart, without being pushy
  • How to find the clients that will pay you what you’re worth – and how to stop working with the rest
  • And much more!

“I knew when I started the class that I wanted to transition from my 20 years in recruiting to a new business arm that coaches and empowers financial professionals in their job search. But I didn’t know how to get started! Not only did I develop my Inspired Signature System, domain name, and web site to use with this unique niche, I also launched my first teleseries and attracted several new clients! I couldn’t have done it without your guidance, Marcia.”

Robert Stevens, Financial Career Strategies

Here is the EXACT Curriculum we will explore together:

In this exciting program, I will help you clarify:

1. Your Inspired Gifts: Who are you as a healer, coach, speaker, consultant, lightworker or other entrepreneur?

If you start marketing without knowing who you are as a service provider and who your audience is, you will waste both time and money. So we start with your purpose in life, what drew you to your area of expertise, and how to think like an entrepreneur. We provide you with 4 key questions to clarify your purpose, a customized numerology profile report to give you insights at the soul level to your gifts and talents, and a clear plan to attract your first 10 clients.

Entrepreneurship is a path, a journey – not a destination. And it must honor who you are (and who you have been up to now) for it to really flow. Once you use our Core Story Timeline to hone in on exactly why you feel so passionate about what you do – and how to use this to connect to your purpose and to your ideal clients – then marketing, program creation and sales become EFFORTLESS. (It’s almost like magic!)

You’ll also learn:

  • What YOUR life purpose is
  • Why your purpose MUST be at the core of your business for you to prosper in the present and future economy
  • How the themes in your life are directly tied to your biggest opportunity for business success – and how to identify them
  • The magical 4-part equation that reveals WHAT you are meant to do, and WITH WHOM you are to do it
  • The 5 Core Numbers that make up your personality and soul’s agenda for this lifetime – and what they mean for your business
  • How overlooking your life purpose and Core Story could jeopardize your business’s future – given changing values worldwide
  • And more

2. Your Inspired Signature System: How to position yourself as a solution provider (vs. a coach) and what your unique system is

You will be able to sell your services much more easily if you present them as a process you guide your clients through. In this class you identify the steps in your unique system, how to share this solution with your clients (to a problem they are craving an answer to) – and how to overcome common blocks to discovering your brand.

Let’s face it, if you are not crystal clear about the key benefits your clients will get as a result of working with you, you’ll be hard pressed to get them to invest in your services, right?

So what is an Inspired Signature System (ISS)? Stated simply, it’s a way to package your expertise so that people want to invest in your services. In fact, you may find that once your ISS is clear, clients can’t WAIT to invest with you! It’s your Core Story packaged in such a way that your ideal clients easily grasp what you do – and how they can do it too. Even better, you can usually then take this and turn it into products and group programs – which is the secret for transitioning from a one-on-one face-to-face model to a virtual, leveraged model using the Internet and working with multiple clients at once. (Translation: you have more FREEDOM!)

You’ll also learn:

  • How to hone the services you already offer into a clear, step-by-step, replicable system that you can model for and teach to others
  • Why it no longer works to sell your services directly – and what does
  • How to overcome common blocks to discovering your brand
  • Why it’s not what you sell – or even how you communicate it – that convinces the client to buy – and the secret ingredient that makes them want to buy
  • And more

3. Your Tribe; Starting to Build Your Inspired Community: Who your ideal customers are, what they are craving, and how to reach them

You are uniquely qualified to serve a specific audience. But how do you know who they are, and whether there are enough of them to make a viable business? What are their needs? We will help you clarify these issues and more in this module, as well as match your brand archetype to your clients’.

Tired of trying to figure out your “niche”? In today’s changing global economy and consciousness, it’s no longer about niching! Instead, we help you focus on finding the people who are a perfect fit for you, connecting with them (and connecting them with each other) so that you become the hub of a community. In our “high tech” era, when so many people feel anonymous and taken for granted, there is nothing more powerful than feeling that sense of belonging. By understanding your ideal client, and knowing how to easily begin reaching them, you will begin to attract EXACTLY the right people to you, and they will “know” they are home.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to figure out who your ideal customers are, once and for all!
  • How to get your customers connected to each other – so they never want to leave you!
  • How to decide whether your market is too big, too small, or just right
  • The #1 mistake people make in communicating their message – and how to avoid it in YOUR business
  • How to tap into the oneness that already exists between you and your clients – and make your marketing truly effortless
  • How to use a web-based opt-in page, Facebook and Linkedin to start building your list right away (so you have someone to market to when you are ready to launch!)
  • And much more

“I started this class with an established career counseling practice, but wanting to develop coaching programs and tailor my offerings to the needs of mature workers and pre-retirees. With Marcia’s coaching, I had the sudden insight as to what was central to ALL of my offerings, which allowed me to streamline and clarify them instantly! Opportunities to speak, coaching requests and an exciting possibility for an alliance have just started coming out of the woodwork with my newfound clarity. Thanks Marcia!”

Jenni Proctor, Career Clarity.com

4. Designing Your Inspired Offerings: How to bundle your services into packages your tribe LOVES and that keeps your clients coming back

By now, you’ll be able to weave your Inspired Signature System into multiple streams of coaching income…and keep your customers coming back time and time again! (And yes, you need to think this through NOW – before you have “painted yourself into a corner” offering different things to different people and feeling too scattered.) We’ll explore what you should charge, how to use group coaching, what you need to track to ensure business success, and more.

I’ll show you how I’ve used my proprietary Inspired Products Planner™ to grow each of my businesses from $0 to $100,000 and beyond – in 1-2 years each – while working from home (or wherever I wanted to – even from an RV or a boat!). You won’t believe how easy and effortless it can be to shift from the one-on-one business model to a LEVERAGED business model – so that what you actually do it what you LOVE and the rest is leveraged and systematized. You will enjoy MULTIPLE streams of income from what used to just generate a few individual client engagements.

If you’re feeling burned out from delivering your services one-on-one, this will FREE you up to enjoy your life AND your business. And you will leave this program with the template for your book, speech, workshop or coaching group, ready to implement!

You’ll also learn:

  • How to fill the gaps in your income and leap-frog your revenues to new levels
  • How to create your first book, class, seminar, workshop or client group program (or all of the above!) – and have other people pay for the creation
  • How to ensure that you can offer different programs, levels and price points so that people can choose exactly what fits for them (making sales easier!)
  • How to avoid getting stuck in the planning stage with our “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach
  • A simple 5-step products progression you can apply NOW to start selling clients into your new array of services immediately
  • And more

5. Designing Your Inspired Web Site and Online Presence:How to launch your web site and convey your unique offering online

You know you need a web presence…but should you use a web site, a blog or both? What should you say? What features should the web site include? Should you outsource the copywriting AND the design? These and many more questions will be answered and discussed in this class. We’ll also help you understand Web 2.0 copywriting strategies to help your pages come to life.

Finally, we will look at how to time your launches and product/program creation to be in synch with your numerology cycles.

You’ll also learn:

  • Exactly what your web site should – and should NOT – contain
  • How to know whether to use a blog or an html web site
  • A step by step template for your sales letters – so they connect to the reader’s heart as well as motivate them to buy
  • How to use Special Reports to engage your visitors and add them authentically to your community
  • How to use search engine optimization to draw traffic to your site
  • What your 4 Pinnacles, 4 Challenges, and Personal Years this year and the next 3 are and how to align your business activities with this divine rhythm
  • And more!

6. Inspired Online Marketing: How to start and build your social media presence, and network online to get clients fast

You can have the best services or products in the world, but if you don’t have a marketing strategy that attracts your tribe of ideal customers to you, you will have a nice hobby, but not a business! But you don’t need an advanced degree to understand what works to market your services – I’ll give you the key strategies to use online that are relevant NOW.

After all, you know you can start your marketing through a blog, social media and more even before you start coaching – but you need to know how to do it so you don’t sabotage yourself at this key stage! Find out the differences between Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, and more – and how to leverage them to build your community and business starting today. Discover how to use social media Events and Groups too – with a live webinar demonstrating exactly how to use them!

You’ll also learn:

  • How to spread the word about your services quickly and easily – so you become a household name before you know it!
  • Which 3 marketing strategies work best for service professionals – and how to incorporate them into your business immediately
  • How to add 15,000 or more contacts per WEEK to your social media sites (as I have done!)
  • How to set up your first (or next) teleseminar
  • Our Product Launch Formula™ to make your next launch seamless
  • How to use videos, article marketing and more to spread our message
  • 3 key components to building your list quickly
  • And MUCH more

“I enrolled in Marcia’s class anticipating my retirement and transition to my own practice coaching legal professionals. And the Coaching Business Liftoff system helped me so much in both defining my unique offering for this audience and in knowing exactly how to attract clients at multiple price points. Thanks so much Marcia!”

Jeanne Eliou

7. Inspired Offline Marketing: How to establish your in-person network, optimize it with your online tools, and strategically connect with the right people to keep your prospect pipeline full

Marketing online is not the only way! Email open rates have dropped, and people crave a personal connection with you. Discover how to effectively market in person – who to network with, how to do it, and how to weave it in with your online strategy. How can you use speaking, group presentations, retreats – even sacred site travel if you wish – to further engage clients? You’ll also get your 30-second commercial honed and ready to use.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to find networking groups that will get you results – not just waste time
  • How to present yourself to new networking contacts so they will want to get in touch
  • What to put into your 30-second commercial
  • How to use public speaking and workshops to multiply your income and enroll clients easily (including ALL the tips and traps we’ve learned about venues, teleseminars, marketing, back-of-room sales and more)
  • How to generate referrals and get others sharing your praises for effortless client enrollment
  • And more!

8. Inspired Client Enrollment: What to say to a prospect, how to sell/enroll them effortlessly and with a service-based mindset

You know you’re good at what you do – but if you are like many entrepreneurs, you don’t look forward to having to sell your services. Most people have the misconception that they have to become something they’re not in order to sell. (Or better yet, they’d like someone ELSE to do that for them!)

The problem is, if you are in a personal service business, YOU are usually the best person to close the sale! I will walk you through a simple, step-by-step process to enroll clients that builds on who YOU are…and uses your best rapport-building skills so that it is effortless. You’ll actually look FORWARD to selling! Discover how sales (or what we call “Inspired Client Enrollment”) can be a natural, effortless expression of your coaching skills. Learn how to use educational marketing, inbound strategies, and the stages of selling including engagement, objections, closing and more – but with heart and ease.

You’ll also learn:

  • The 10 secret ingredients in a successful selling session that is also authentic
  • How to have a sales conversation without compromising your integrity
  • How to overcome your prospects’ concerns so that they enroll
  • How to add 30% or more to your bottom line – immediately – with one simple question
  • The biggest mistakes conscious entrepreneurs make in selling – and how to easily overcome them
  • How to move from selling to Inspired Client Enrollment – in both your words and your mindset (and wait till you see the way your results skyrocket as you feel better about the process!)
  • “Stick strategies” to use once the client commits that will validate their decision and start a lifetime relationship
  • And much more

“Working with Marcia was the single best investment I made this year. I closed three clients at higher fees than I have ever charged, bringing in more than $59,500 of business in just a few weeks! I am now on track to TRIPLE my income this year, and on my way to my goal to start a private health facility for children to manage and overcome anxiety-related illnesses, thanks to Marcia’s masterful coaching.”

Elizabeth Lengyel, PeopleCoach.com

How is This Course Delivered?

When you enroll in this NEW ground-breaking program, you will get our entire 16 CD’s and 110-page course manual sent to your doorstep.

To go through the modules, you will listen to the prework CD for that module and read the chapter (and do the exercises) first, then listen to the recorded live class session for that module.  Repeat the process for all 8 of the modules.

By the end, you’ll have a game plan, a web site, and a marketing strategy that will start getting you clients right away!

Our goal is that within the 8 weeks, you will be actively enrolling clients – so you monetize your investment before you even finish the class! (Of course, this requires that you do the work required each week – even if it feels a bit scary! – knowing that will be your key to your business success.)

Is This Right for Me?

This program is for you if you are:

A healer, life coach, wellness professional or other practitioner of healing arts looking to expand (or start) your practice – or bring it online

A business or career coach or other entrepreneur just starting your business, or who experienced a decline during the downturn and you are refocusing and rebuilding

A speaker, author or trainer seeking to leverage your content into multiple streams of income to supplement the live work you do and/or book sales.

An entrepreneur who is changing direction in your business – and needs a quick-start strategy to develop clients in your new niche.

A traditional marketer looking to update your approach – e.g., develop social media, online and more effective offline strategies to develop new clients.

You will LOVE having this easy-to-follow roadmap to lifting-off your business – and filling it in record time with clients who love you and are willing to pay what you’re worth!

Since taking your class, I have been able to tie so many loose ends together from all the business-building information I’ve been exposed to this year. If I’d taken your program earlier in my business, it would have saved me a lot of time, effort, and money! I was able to secure a new client for just under $5k based on a coaching package I’ve developed from what I learned. Your materials are quality work and you demonstrate a solid blend of compassion and competence in what you do. The boost you’ve provided is just what I needed to jump start the new year!”

Tanya Smith Be Promotable


In addition to the 16 class recordings and juicy learning guides, you will also receive the following bonuses:

“80 Free Ways to Promote Your Business – in Any Economy” Special Report

No need to run out of ideas for promoting your services and growing your business – you’ll refer back to this handy special report time and time again for new ideas!

Fee-Setting Formula for Coaches

If you are like most new coaches, you are confused about what to charge, right? Don’t guess, or worse – just charge what you made at your j.o.b.! Use our proven formula to set a fee that pays your overhead, your own salary, and a profit too!

Business Start-up Checklist

Even if you know the various steps you need to take to get your business started, you may not know what to do when…and you end up going in circles! Use our proven Business Start-up Checklist to organize your efforts and keep yourself on track.

Marcia’s Million Dollar Resource List

Save yourself countless hours searching for the right vendor for your web site, e-books, audios, teleseries, recording your coaching calls and more! Marcia has prescreened these resources and shares them with you as a bonus for all students in this class.

I’m so eager to guide you in your OWN Inspired Business Jump-Start during our 8 sessions together. And if you get just one new client through what you learn, the program has paid for itself, right?

FOR THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE WHO REGISTER: My Facebook ads guru Emily has opened up 5 20-minute consultations on her calendar just for you!  You get a FREE consult with the wizard behind my Facebook success just for acting quickly.

“Love This Program or Your Money Back” Guarantee

Register for my brand new *Inspired Business Jump Start Course* now, review it for a full 30 days, and complete the work required.

Then, if, for any reason, you honestly feel you did not get MORE than the information promised, just let me know personally, quietly return your materials, and tell me you want to quit the remainder of the program. You won’t owe any more payments.

You see, I ONLY want to coach and train people who love what they get from all my expertise, caring and attention. I KNOW that nothing out there comes CLOSE to the experience and information in this program. So this “From the Heart ” guarantee is my way of taking ANY worry off your shoulders about making this important decision. You have my word on it!

Ready To Register?

Yes, Marcia, I want to start my Inspired Business Jump Start now!

I understand that by registering today, I will receive your entire Inspired Business Jump Start system, including 8 pre-session audios and learning guides, 8 recorded teleclass training sessions, mp3 recordings for each session, and your special bonuses described above.

My total value including Bonuses:

  • All 8 Inspired Business Jump Start learning guides- $497
  • 8 prework content audios- $800
  • 8 75-minute instructional/group coaching sessions with recordings- $1200
  • Million Dollar Resource List- $197
  • 80 Ways to Promote Report- $97
  • Fee Setting Formula- $97
  • Business Start-up Checklist- $97

FIRST 5 PEOPLE: FREE 20-minute consult with Marcia’s personal Facebook ads guru to help you use ads to build your business!

TOTAL VALUE: $3576 – You pay just $997! $497.00 for a limited time!

Your Investment:

One Payment of $997 NOW JUST $497 (HALF OFF THROUGH JULY 21)


Three monthly payments of $225

“When working with Marcia Bench, one of the strategies she recommended to build my list around my new brand was to do a telesummit. She helped guide me through the entire process including all of the various ways in which I could broaden my impact and income using this amazing tool. As a result, my list grew by more than 1000 people in less than 30 days and positioned myself as even more of an expert in my market space. Thanks so much!”

Kaya Singer – Awakening Business Coach

“Since training with Marcia I quickly turned my career coaching specialty into a six figure business within one year. My coaching rates doubled instantly due to my expertise and credibility. Clients appreciate and will pay for coaches who have a proven system that works. Marcia provides that system.

As a result, my business more than doubles each year, I’ve worked with large corporations and receive requests for paid speaking engagements, even authoring my own career book this year as well. Thank you Marcia for all of the support and resources you offer. Your training is the foundation of my success.”

Debora McLaughlin, The Personal Power of Influence Coach, www.OpenDoorCoaching.com

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