Discover the hidden secrets to upleveling your message, offerings and business with the Invisible Laws of Success  – so you express the New You with a huge impact, share with an ever-expanding tribe, and manifest a life you love!

The premium course for experts, coaches, speakers, authors and spiritual thought leaders feeling called to a higher vision and longing to move effortlessly into new dimensions of their work so they can have a lasting and far-reaching impact and leave a legacy.

Tap Into the Invisible Laws of Success – and Prosper! is for soul-centered experts and entrepreneurs who know they have big work to do in the world – and are ready to be, do and change whatever has been holding them back from making the full impact they are meant to have.

If you are feeling the inner drive to make big changes to your offerings, your business focus and your work, you are not alone!  Thousands of spiritually minded women entrepreneurs are feeling that same calling as the Divine Feminine Era emerges.

The Dalai Lama said that western women would be the ones to change the world – and it’s our time!


  • Make a bigger impact in the world and among your tribe
  • Let go of what no longer serves you – almost like shedding a skin that no longer fits
  • Shift from in person training to online courses – or vice versa – to re-energize your message and the way you deliver it to fit today’s changing market and your changing expression of your purpose
  • Leverage your time so that you can serve more people in less time, perhaps with group coaching or masterminds
  • Attract an ongoing stream of ideal clients without having to be chained to your laptop or spend tons of time marketing


You need to figure out how to get into alignment with what is happening “behind the scenes” – in the spiritual and energetic realm – and what the “rules of the game” are to support the activities you take to expand and evolve your business.

As a result, you will be able to break through the past, present or even future blocks – so you can serve your clients in bigger numbers, enjoy an abundant lifestyle, be clear on your next areas of focus and profit immensely from your gifts.

But here’s the thing: the answer you seek isn’t in more thinking, more studying or even more meditation – it’s deeper than that.


First, they learn how to coach or heal or whatever their specialty is – they develop their Core Service.  (Which is key!)

Second, they begin learning how to structure their business, their web site, their business systems, do email marketing, webinars and blogging – their Marketing and Business Structure. (Again, no problem – you need this too!)

But they stop here!  

These entrepreneurs keep marketing, making new offers, “throwing spaghetti against the wall” and hoping SOMETHING will work!

But if they are not aware of the Invisible Laws of Success – what’s going on inside them and behind the scenes in the energetic dimension – even the best business plan and marketing strategy won’t work.  They need the third key ingredient: mastery of the Manifesting Laws/Invisible Laws of Success.



We are living in the era of the Divine Feminine.

What used to be “normal” is no longer acceptable – we’re ready to embrace a world where…

checkbox-red2people cooperate instead of compete

checkbox-red2intuition is accepted as readily as logic

checkbox-red2spirituality is an understood part of every day’s decision and every communication

checkbox-red2intentional action reigns

checkbox-red2we pursue a natural flow instead of pushing through the pain

checkbox-red2collaboration is preferred to manipulation


You no longer need to wonder –

checkbox-red2Is there something wrong with me that I can’t be content with what’s been working for years?

checkbox-red2Maybe it’s time to get out of business entirely – it’s too hard…

checkbox-red2Perhaps I’m just dreaming that what I want to offer now can really be valued in this changing world…


I’m Marcia Bench. And I have spent most of my professional life as a transformational business coach, mentor, speaker, and author. With my more than 25 years of experience, I’m here to reassure you that what you are feeling is normal.  As spirituality takes center stage and consciousness evolves, our work must evolve too.

My name is Marcia Bench, and I’m well known in the coaching world as an expert on coaching, entrepreneurship, business growth and wealth creation, with more than 25 years in training, speaking, coaching, and writing.  I’ve been blessed to write 25 books  and be one of the first few authors published by Hay House besides Louise Hay herself.

But I wasn’t always that clear on my purpose – and the road hasn’t always been easy.  I have faced financial setbacks, overcame breast cancer in year two of my business, been divorced, and even overcame addiction and chronic fatigue.

And it was staying on the path of divine service through entrepreneurship – teaching, writing, and coaching – that have healed me and kept me going.

My purpose in life is to help entrepreneurs just like you (mostly women, thus the term womanpreneurs) step into their greatness, find their purpose and voice, and create a high-impact business that provides them with abundance, wealth, fulfillment and freedom.  As a transformational trainer and mentor, what lights me up is when YOU make quantum leaps forward and claim your own legacy in the world – and your clients just start lining up to work with you!

I have studied metaphysics and personal growth since an early age, and have a degree in psychology as well as a law degree.  I gave up the law practice after 4 years, selling everything I owned and the business to travel the U.S. and Canada by RV with my first book, When 9 to 5 Isn’t Enough.  So you can see I’m an action taker!

It was just 45 days from my “lightning bolt moment” when the idea for Career Coach Institute hit me until we were enrolling our first students, and now have graduates in 42 countries worldwide and have enjoyed 15 years of multiple 6-figure income and a freedom-based lifestyle.

So if you’re an action taker AND you’ve had your share of adversity, fear, and doubt – then we may well be soul mates and designed to work together in this program!

My overachievement sent me into recovery and years of healing…and I’ve even worked with a shaman on the mountaintops of Colorado, cruised to Hawaii and back with Abraham-Hicks while they taught and channeled, and spent 12/21/12 in Mexico to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar.

What my clients say is unique about working with me is that I am equally conversant in energy, spirituality and healing as well as in social media marketing, branding, business growth strategy and change management.  After all, it’s all connected!  And somehow I’ve been hard wired so that both hemispheres of my brain blend intuition and intellect, spirituality and science, so you get a holistic approach to building a business that feels AWESOME to you and your clients!


Among my achievements are:

goldcheckAttracted clients in 45 countries – mostly through virtual marketing

goldcheckEnjoyed 16 consistent years of mid 6-figure income

goldcheckFilled my practice 3 times – two while writing a book – using what I will teach you in this program

goldcheckBeen able to follow the sun and live where I wanted to live, not where the work was

goldcheckTraveled to multiple countries on vacation and for speaking gigs

goldcheckShared the stage with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra

goldcheckBuilt several international brands that are leaders in their niche

goldcheckBeen published by Simon & Schuster

goldcheckAttained Best Seller status through self-publishing on Amazon

goldcheckBecome happier and healthier

goldcheckBecome even more committed to share what I’ve learned in my setbacks with action-takers like you that want to shake things up in their own lives!

And last year, when my mother had a stroke, my husband had a life-threatening blood clot, and we had a break-in at our home, the principles of the Invisible Laws of Success in my business has sustained us and allowed me to be their caregivers when they needed me most.

And I’ve been where you are – I started out with a frankly ugly web site and wasn’t even ready to take credit cards when my very first student enrolled 16 years ago…but it worked!  She resonated with what we were offering and with me and those things weren’t important.

But it took years to figure out how things REALLY worked behind the scenes – so that the business strategies I used succeeded.

Now, I’ve put them all together in ONE place, providing you with a content rich course and surrounding you with support so you can master them too – and use them to evolve your message and business as you feel guided.


The Invisible Laws of Success are something I not only use every day in my business – but I draw on them to create new results, but to move gracefully (well, as gracefully as possible!) through difficult situations.

That ability to hear guidance and follow it – to the point I sold everything and took my work on the road doing 65 seminars in 10 months with my first book! is priceless.

And today, the value of being resilient – to get back up when life has knocked me down through divorce, financial setbacks, family illnesses and our health conditions including cancer – cannot be measured. And in an era when most businesses don’t last past their first two years, I feel honored that I have been able to navigate three decades as an entrepreneur and still be sharing my message every day.

Now I enjoy a business that’s making a difference, I get to travel to amazing places with my work, and I have the lifestyle of my dreams – and I can evolve my work and message as my spiritual journey unfolds..


Why? Because I believe you’ve come into this lifetime with a unique life’s purpose, and the exact gifts you need to fulfil that purpose.

Just learning how the invisible world works – and applying it to what you are already doing – is all that stands between you and the future you crave.  Will you allow it in?

I don’t want you to waste any more time trying to figure things out by yourself.

The answers are within you – but they need a guide and a supportive community to let them out.  After all, as leaders, we often don’t have people to talk to when we feel the need to change, especially if it’s to something radically different than what we have been doing.

That’s why I developed my Tap Into the Invisible Laws of Success – and Prosper! course!



During this 5-week course, I’ll guide you through the primary Invisible Laws I’ve mastered that will allow you to become the prosperous transformational healer, coach or entrepreneur you  have longed to be – with the ability to create a waiting list of people eager to work with you.

  • You‘ll connect deeply with your life’s purpose and the spiritual gifts that you have been gifted to fulfill it – as well as the Creative Field in which we live and work
  • You’ll know clearly what’s next for you – and gain the courage to follow your Inner Guidance
  • You’ll develop a business mission, program offering or service package, and pricing strategy that is fully aligned with who you are becoming
  • You’ll discover how to align with the Law of Vision and use your imagination and visioning to set in motion everything you long to create
  • You’ll know how to attract clients both online and in person using the Laws of Alignment and Attraction
  • You’ll gain crystal clear clarity on how to remove the blocks that have kept you from manifesting what you desire – and see what’s next
  • You’ll know how to refine your offerings as you go, following your guidance and the organic response of your Tribe
  • You’ll be able to manifest money and clients on demand with our light, energy and magnetizing processes
  • You’ll learn how to align with your Divine Guidance – and follow it! – while being open to even better results than you can imagine
  • You will learn the 4 seasons of the creative process and how to thrive during each – and to evolve into ever higher levels of greatness
  • You’ll discover the power of your 7 chakras and how to locate present and future blocks within them

My clients work with me because I can see what they need not only from the strategic perspective (the visible laws), but in their energy field and spiritual practices (the invisible laws) too.

And by combining the physical with the spiritual, the resulting energy, excitement and results are nothing short of amazing.

“I had my first session with Marcia during a particularly difficult time in my life. Her insights helped me experience more peace, understanding and healing around the situations I was going through. I felt lighter, clearer, and more free after speaking with her. The session was part of an intense week that feels like it literally shifted my DNA… and my view on the world.”

Christine Kloser

Creator of Transformational Author Program

The premium course for experts, coaches, speakers, authors and spiritual thought leaders feeling called to a higher vision and longing to move effortlessly into new dimensions of their work so they can have a lasting and far-reaching impact and leave a legacy.

In just 5 weeks, your key takeaways from working with me will be:


  • Weekly training modules, including video and uniquely designed “playbook”
  • Access to Marcia’s private resources and support team


  • You’ll experience guided meditations from Marcia, which will transform and shift your energy as you listen
  • You’ll learn to take the essence of these processes into your life each week


  • A private Facebook community where you can connect with other like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs who are also mastering the Laws
  • Additional access to Marcia by posting your questions in the private forum
  • Networking and accountability opportunities


  • Full email and Private Message access to Marcia. Submit your questions directly to her for personalized help
  • Chance to ask questions and get individual laser coaching during the 5 class sessions
  • A full 2.5 days of live transformation with Marcia at the Dream It, Do It! retreat in October 2017

You also get…

  • Exclusive access to group coaching of all group members to supercharge your own healing journey
  • Private members’ portal where all live training and Q&A calls are uploaded for 24/7 access.
  • Lifetime access to the course training and material!

Tap Into the Invisible Laws of Success – and Prosper! is for anyone who is 100% committed to their own success and following their hearts.

“I not only got clear on my message and offering, I just attracted the first client for my new 12-week program – and it was easy!”

Ivy Tolchinsky, Resilient Recovery Coach

Each of the modules is designed to artfully blend the Invisible Laws of Success with the Business Activities related to them so that you not only shift inside – with our Coaching Client Manifesting Maximizer Formula(tm) you also manifest clients, income and all the other results you desire!

Jump Start Prework: When you enroll, you will be sent a beautiful welcome packet with some prework and suggestions for how to get the most from the course.  You will begin upleveling your energy even before classes begin! 


Module 1: EMBRACE YOUR EMERGING SELF & CRAFT YOUR OFFERING – Connect to what is calling to you now, and to the ways your life’s purpose wants to express now – right down to your Signature System, services package and pricing.

  • Why it’s key to follow your calling and share your gifts now
  • How your business mission and role is changing
  • What calls your heart to be offering now – and how to turn it into a Signature System
  • The Law of Purpose – how to know your Life Purpose and what it means for your business
  • Which of the 5 coaching/healing business models is best for you
  • How to create your services packages to keep your clients engaged – and what to charge
  • And much more!


Module 2: ACTIVATE YOUR EXPANDED ABUNDANCE – Align with your natural state of abundance – and understand the gifts you have to express it that can unleash increased wealth, happiness, peace, joy and love in your life.

  • The Law of Abundance – wealth and overflowing abundance as your natural state – and how to tap into it even more deeply
  • Energy processes to increase your awareness of abundance now
  • How your evolving message brings an expanded state of abundance with it
  • Relax into knowing that you are fully supported always – and receive the support that is here for you
  • Solidify your inner knowing that there are plenty of ideal clients for you – and that your wealth quotient is unlimited
  • The Law of Vision – why it is so critical to define what you want to create, and the 4 essential ingredients
  • Who your Tribe of ideal clients is – and how to set your short- and long-term intentions and vision
  • How to attract the clients, money, people and life you want using light and energy as well as daily mental programming
  • And much more!


Module 3: CLEAR YOUR BLOCKS TO MANIFESTING & ALIGN WITH YOUR GOOD – Transform old beliefs and programming – mentally reprogram and release the stored energy around the experiences that caused the old beliefs

  • With each new level of evolution, new levels of our old blocks can emerge – learn how to courageously move through them to allow your new work to emerge
  • The Law of Alignment – mastering alignment among mind, body and soul as well as between you and your ideal clients
  • 11 ways we block our natural connection that prevent our manifesting – and how to clear them as you allow new inspiration to express through you
  • What each of your 7 chakras are connected to in business activities – and how to release stored energy when you feel stuck
  • The impact of your daily energy on your ability to create
  • How to find the hidden cause of misalignment and disappointing results
  • How to overcome fear, self-sabotage, attachment, worry and more
  • And much more!


Module 4: LISTEN AND FOLLOW YOUR INNER GUIDANCE – Develop a clear connection with your internal guidance – and trust it to guide you to the best possible outcome

  • The Law of Guidance – how to distinguish Divine Guidance from fear and the messages of others
  • Keys to courageously following your guidance, even if you don’t know where it will lead
  • Why it’s important that you don’t get too specific about your desired results or risk limiting your results
  • How to know the essential core of your vision or intention, and manifest something even greater than you had imagined
  • How to deal with uncertainty and delays when they happen
  • How to refine your offer as your audience and your Higher Self guide you and provide feedback
  • The principle that will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours in creating your programs
  • And much more!


Module 5: NAVIGATE YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS OF EVOLUTION & CREATE A SCALABLE BUSINESS – Discover the phases of creation and how to thrive in each, as well as how to continue growing and evolving along your path

  • WHO are you becoming? HOW can you speak and make decisions from that place?
  • The Law of Seasons – the 4 primary phases of the creative process and how to use them to avoid panic and be self-assured in all parts of the process
  • How to track and know which of your activities is creating the most results and how to adjust as you grow
  • How to launch variations of your core offering – and know what your audience wants next
  • What quantum physics tells us about the role of chaos in creation – and how to use it to minimize fear, worry and doubt
  • The Law of Increase – everything is either growing or dying – how to continue a forward growth trajectory even when things appear to be falling apart
  • How to know when to bring in support staff to your business – and what you need next
  • How to learn to receive more support
  • How to structure your business so it’s scalable to serve as many clients as you wish to
  • And much more!

“When I first met Marcia I was frustrated with the way I was operating as a business. I felt disorganized and overwhelmed, needed help in marketing and promoting myself, and my program offerings did not have a flow and were very scattered. Marcia helped me immensely with systemizing my business to the point of seeing larger revenue potential I never thought possible. The most significant take away has been the development of my Signature System, which has helped my program organization and create a BUZZ about my services. I made more than $7000 in a recent one-hour presentation – nearly 4 times what I would have been paid using my old approach! I know I now have the pieces of puzzle necessary to thrive, not just survive.”

Karen McGeehan, Inner View Nutrition


In these 5 weeks, you’ll experience a complete transformation of yourself, your purpose and mission and your business. And you’ll have a bigger vision of yourself and your innate ability to be a transformational catalyst than ever before!

Imagine that in 5 weeks you’ve gained an understanding of the 7 primary Invisible Laws that govern your everyday ability to attract clients money and ease – and have the clarity needed to move forward on your dreams.  What could you create? 

  • A new business?
  • A new offering?
  • Quantum leap your income?
  • Attract exponentially more people to your list and programs?
  • Travel?
  • More free time for yourself and family?
  • More time to contribute to/volunteer for the causes you love?

But that’s not all…

You will also
receive these


Turn your setbacks into opportunities and change the world with your gifts.  If you have felt the calling to inspire others and become a recognized leader in your business – without compromising your integrity or having to do “hard selling,” then this book is for you.  It lays out an A to Z process of creating your brand and message, marketing online and offline, and managing everything from your team to your time and energy so that you are the leader you always wanted to be.


Many other books teach you how to start your business, how to market it, and even how to sell it.  This book is unique in that it helps you really adopt the mindset of the entrepreneur – and helps you incorporate your life purpose into your business, not just in the beginning, but every day.  Fifty-two meditations for every week of the year.


Do you know your life purpose? Are you at a place in life where you want to revisit it?  The three tracks in this audio album walk you through why it is key to fulfillment, how to discover it using 10 “clues,” a guided meditation and a facilitated exercise.  You’ll get clear and be able to apply it in your life and business right away.


Need to know what shopping cart to use? Or a reference to a virtual assistant or web host?  These and many other prescreened resources are included in this time- and money-saving list – which we use in our business every day!


Marcia is frequently asked for suggested books to help people access the spiritual side of business, manifesting, and spirituality itself.  Her favorites are on this list so you can take the course concepts even deeper in the areas you are most called to.


Have a question between sessions? A success you want to share? Use our private Facebook group community for daily interaction and support – and also email or private message Marcia directly with anything you need her personal input on.  We surround you with support throughout the program!


Discover the 4 critical steps to get your teleclass, webinar or workshop designed and presented – whether you are experienced or just getting started! Learn how to get your speech written and presented flawlessly… from someone who has made more than 2500 presentations, virtually and live, over 25+ years! This program walks you through a 4-step roadmap to speaking success.


You will gain mastery of the all of the principles you need to know through the weekly modules, Q&A calls and live meditations.  But in addition to that, the class will come together in October in a massive growth experience – the Dream It, Do It! Transformational Retreat in Portland, Oregon.

Held right at the Columbia River, you will enjoy breathtaking views while Marcia and her team guide you through live experiences of spiritual growth, exploration and intention setting unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.  Details available as soon as you enroll in the program!


If you are one of the first 5 to register, you will get a 60-minute jump-start session with Marcia to help you begin this process and hit the ground running. ($2,000 value)

Tap Into the Invisible Laws of Success – and Prosper! is for anyone who is 100% committed to their own success and following their hearts.


When you enroll, you get ALL of this amazing value:

  • 5 live training sessions including Q&A, recorded for future reference and in case you miss one ($2000 value)
  • 5 meditation recordings with Marcia  ($1500 value)
  • 2.5-day live, in-person retreat with Marcia ($1997 value)
  • 5 Playbooks to refer to during and after class
  • Email and private message access to Marcia 5 days/week
  • Bonuses 1-2 – two of Marcia’s books ($75 value)
  • Bonus 3 – Discover Your Life Purpose Audios ($75 value)
  • Bonus 4 – Million Dollar Resource List (priceless)
  • Bonus 5 – Transformational Reading List (priceless)
  • Bonus 6 – Exclusive 24/7 Support via Private Facebook Group, Email and Private Messaging
  • Bonus 7 – Speaking Secrets for Coaches online program ($500 value)
  • Optional Fast Action Jump-Start call ($2000 value)


NORMAL TUITION: $1997 – FOR A LIMITED TIME YOU PAY EARLY BIRD RATE OF JUST $997 (payment plan also available)

Imagine the value this will bring to you and your spiritual mission and business – invest to clear your limiting beliefs and energy blocks – and release your 6- or 7-figure business plans to their full manifestation!

Ready to transform and Tap Into the Invisible Laws of Success – and Prosper!?

 Enroll Now while our discounted rate is still available!

One payment of $997:

Three payments of $397:



You can pay in full or make monthly payments. Payments are made via credit card or PayPal. Click the “Register Now” button below to register.

Tap Into the Invisible Laws of Success  – and Prosper! is for anyone who is 100% committed to their own success and following their hearts.


In addition to the live class work, I’d suggest you commit three hours + a week.


Do you feel like you’ve tried to figure it out on your own – and you can’t? That something else is blocking you?

Are you someone who is willing to be coachable, resourceful, and committed to change?  Who knows you have a big purpose in the world and is open to support in revealing it fully?

Then the program is for you.

If you blame others for your failure, give up easily, or aren’t really committed to deep change, then it’s not right for you.


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