As we move into this new year, it’s important to realize that if you have set goals, intentions or resolutions, the biggest thing you can do to ensure that you obtain them is to BECOME a bigger version of yourself.  When you ARE more, you DO and ACHIEVE more.

Isn’t it time to step into your full brilliance and offer new programs that fit who you are becoming?

If you’re ready, here are four tips to help you rise to the next level in your life and business – starting with who you see yourself to be.

Here are a few idea on personal positioning:

1)    Who do people see you to be? You might even ask them what they see as your strongest qualities – the answers may surprise you! (Don’t dismiss what they say as obvious or that “everyone does that” – they can’t!)

2)    Name your approach to your widget or service. Simply by making who you are, what you do and how you do it more tangible with a name – what we call a Signature System™, covered in our Purposeful Branding programs – makes your services more tangible to clients and increases your conversion rates.

3)    Ask yourself what your pricing says about your personal positioning. Are you a $300/month coach, a $300/hour coach, or a $3000/hour coach/service provider? Here’s the secret: all 3 of these types of coaches may be providing exactly the same services during that hour – but one has a wealth consciousness and can ask for the big bucks and get them, the others cannot.

4)    Appoint yourself the expert in your field. Many people who have approached my team at Career Coach Institute ask the C question: what credentials do I need? Should I become ICF accredited? Do I need a college degree to do this? And the more I hang out with millionaires and multimillionaires, the more convinced I am that credentials have nothing to do with success. Nothing! (Unless you are a brain surgeon and it is a requirement to enter the field…but even then what distinguishes a leading brain surgeon from an ordinary one is not their degree but the results they attain for their patients, right?)

So what would happen if you just appointed yourself the guru of x, the “leading expert” in x, and started representing yourself as such? Assuming you have value to offer in that area, it is a perfectly legitimate way to own your niche – and one that Dan Kennedy and other leading experts both recommend and have used themselves. “Who do you think you are?” That is who you become.

To your success,

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