I am just returning from my friend and colleague Katrina Sawa’s live event, Jump Start Your Biz in a Weekend – you can see it wasn’t all serious business! 🙂 Met some amazing people and saw some new members of our extended family too! (Two new great grandsons born in August – see Facebook for those photos!)

And I wanted to share a couple of her tips with you to help you build your business – as I study with other experts, I always like to bring their insights back to my clients and community to benefit you too!

Tip #1: Be sure you have an “easy yes” offer in your funnel.

That is, as you network, attend live events or first encounter prospective clients, of course you will have a free gift with subscription to your email list…but an Easy Yes offer is a deeply discounted initial offer for new people only that will give them a taste of you.  Kat mentioned her current CPA, who offered 4 hours for $100 7 years ago – and Kat is still her client!

​​​​​​​So what is a hot topic your clients really seek you out to solve or get a roadmap for that you could teach in a 30-minute webinar (then record and have it available for future prospects)? Or would you provide a couple of hours of service at a discount to “try out” the coaching relationship?

Tip #2: Position Yourself as an Authority in Your Niche.

As the marketplace gets more crowded, it is more important than every before to be seen as “the” leading expert in your specific specialty and market. Craig Duswalt of Rockstar Marketing shared strategies such as publishing a tiny book and using that as your business card to stand out.

Mike Driggers encouraged us to use “newsjacking” as a publicity strategy for quick visibility – that is, find a breaking hot news story and find a way to inject your ideas into it.  For example, if you are a weight loss coach, you could find an angle on the U.S. health care plan story that ties into your services, with a link to your free gift page.

​​​​​​​It takes “ninja” strategies like these to continue to stand out – in a good way! – in your niche.  We’ll be teaching these and our proprietary step-by-step formula for building your coaching brand and business in Sold Out Coaching Programs, starting this week.

Claim your greatness and serve your tribe this week!

To your wealth and success,

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