It’s already been quite an experience beginning two full weeks on the road…this past weekend I attended a 4-day VIP speaker conference.

​​​​​​​A lot of people asked me (and other seasoned speakers who were there): since I’ve been in the coaching/ speaking business half of my life, why did I choose to go to this event and what did I want to learn?

And I gave what has become my standard answer: I used to go to events strictly for what I could learn…but I learned years ago that there is another amazing reason to attend live events: to network with the other attendees and presenters to create relationships that could turn into clients, product endorsements, celebrity attachment, joint venture partners, or mentorships.

​​​​​​​James Malinchak calls this the “attend to get in” principle.  If you want to build connections with high profile people, you may consider joining their coaching or mastermind programs so they can get to know you and see what value you bring to the world.

I began following Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, co-authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, shortly after I started my business in 1986. I was there as they encountered 144 rejections before getting a publishing contract, and 14 long months as they waited to become best sellers.  And now, Jack has 550,000,000 copies in distribution worldwide and is the one person now known as America’s #1 Success Coach. The path isn’t always easy…but the end result makes it worth it.

Meeting him and the other celebs and attendees at this 750-person event was truly life-changing…and the work I’ll be introducing using Jack’s Success Principles over the coming months will be of great service to you and to other audiences to whom I speak too.

As you know, our Conscious Client Attraction Live retreat is this week…and there are still a few live spots available as well as the opportunity to participate via livestream.  Carve out the time to attend – it will change the future of your life and business by attending (see details in Events below).

​​​​​​​Meanwhile, have a very successful and prosperous week!

To your success,

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