What are the big dreams and goals you are working on right now? Do they immediately come to mind?

For your life to change in the ways you want it to, your dreams and goals need to be a part of your daily thinking and feeling – and you need to be always open to the next inspired action step to take to realize those dreams.

So if nothing came to mind, take 5 minutes right now, close your eyes, and write down what three shifts in your business, life and world would make you the happiest, most fulfilled, most whole person you can imagine.  Got it?

Now what?

Now, pay attention to what comes across your awareness.  When I was browsing Facebook a while back, Secret Millionaire James Malinchak’s invitation to select 15 people to spend the day with him at his house caught my attention.  I didn’t respond the first time I saw it – and by the time I did they had filled that day with 15 of the first 300 people that applied.  WOW!

But I didn’t give up.  I sat down and wrote James a personal letter about all of the challenges I have gone through this past year, with my mother’s stroke, my husband nearly dying, our house “adventure” and more.  And asked him to include me if he could.

So notice: ​​​​​​​I didn’t let the apparent closed door stop me – I continued taking action because I knew I wanted to be part of this amazing group.  Imagine my delight when I got a handwritten note from him saying he had scheduled a second day with him that week – and that I was invited to come!  I was thrilled…and tomorrow will be that day!

​​​​​​​I could cite hundreds of examples of this in my past – but what I really want you to consider is this: what opportunities are in front of you now, and might even look like the door has closed, but that you could open with another step saying to the Universe, YES! I want this!

For some of you, that might be making the arrangements to come to our live retreat, Conscious Client Attraction LIVE, in Portland October 19-21.  I have never taken the time and effort to go to a live event and come home wishing I hadn’t done it.  Just the opposite!  I always end up re-energized and with renewed commitment toward my goals.  I’ll spend most of the next two weeks in live events, and can’t wait to see what I bring back to inspire you with when we gather in October! (Only 7 spots left…)

So take the leap this week – and reply by email or on Facebook to tell us what you’re doing and how you’re stretching to meet the Universe halfway to manifest your desires!

To your rising consciousness and success,



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