Are you a mover & shaker who is ready to step up your game?

I have a special invitation for you.

My name is Marcia Bench, and I’ve been speaking, coaching and training entrepreneurs since 1986.  And as a former lawyer and the author of 25 books, I know how tough it can be to initially start a business – and then keep yourself engaged and interested as it evolves.

One of the keys for me has been to integrate my essential spirituality – including the 8 energy centers or chakras we all have – into proven business growth and marketing strategies that lead to more time freedom and more income, both for me and my clients.

So if you have been feeling the pull to have a greater impact – especially given recent world events – and want to serve more people from a true place of authenticity, broaden your reach and still work fewer hours, than you’re just the person I want to attend this special luncheon.

Tues. Dec. 5, 2017 11:30-1:30 – near the Phoenix airport

If you are on this page, you were personally invited to attend this luncheon.  It is not open to the public – only to women like you who are already making a difference in the world.

The purposes of the luncheon are:

  1. To meet some amazing powerful women from the area – if you don’t already know them!
  2. To enjoy some delicious food together
  3. To discover a brand new way to view your business growth – and that of your audiences or clients, if you work with entrepreneurs – that will blends the chakras with client attraction with the latest models for delivering professional services that truly lead to more time freedom, instead of being tied to your phone and laptop.

What we’ve discovered is that each business challenge, as well as each stage of business growth, is connected to one of the 8 chakras.

So we have mapped those stages onto the chakras to help you have a more holistic view of business.

How does this help you?

  • You will feel more aligned with everything in your business
  • You can earn more money
  • You can learn to leverage your services and stand in the Woman CEO mindset
  • You can serve more people while working fewer hours with our 5 business models
  • You can enjoy your business and your life more

This brand new model will be the basis of Marcia’s forthcoming 26th book – AND you get a sneak peek at this power-packed luncheon!

Reserve your space below – registration is just $25 and includes lunch – you’ll be so glad you came!


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