Are you curious about your life purpose, why you are facing the challenges you are, and what you are really meant to do?

The 2500-year-old science of numerology can help.  Developed from the roots of the mathematician Pythagoras in 850 BC, it has evolved to be more relevant than ever before in today’s confusing times.

And Marcia Bench is one of the few numerologists who focuses on not only what numerology tells you about yourself, but how to align your business with it, time your business activities to be in harmony with the natural flow of your life and that of your business, and even how to hire team members using this amazing tool.
Success by the Numbers by Marcia Bench
Her book, Success by the Numbers, outlines the basic principles of this amazing discipline as it applies to business.

But to get the maximum insights about how numerology applies to you, a personal reading is best.

There are several types of readings you can obtain.  Each includes:

  • A one-hour reading via conference line with you, including answering your questions
  • A recording of the audio file emailed to you
  • A downloadable and easy-to-print comprehensive chart and report of your core numbers and your three-year forecast, along with other information relevant to the kind of reading you got (usually 75 pages or so in length – it’s amazing!)

reading-300x225Choose from:

Personality Profile and Life Purpose Reading

Marcia will explore the 5 numbers of your core profile with you, your life path/purpose number, and the kinds of occupations or businesses that are right for you.

Get your reading now – $997

Business Name Reading

Not sure what to name your business?  Or changing focus?  Get the life path and expression number for that business in this reading!

Get your business name reading now – $97

christine-kloser“I had my first session with Marcia during a particularly difficult time in my life. Her insights helped me experience more peace, understanding and healing around the situations I was going through. I felt lighter, clearer, and more free after speaking with her. The session was part of an intense week that feels like it literally shifted my DNA… and my view on the world.”

Christine Kloser, Creator of Transformational Author Program


vlyon“Wow! Your report totally blew my mind Marcia!  Thank you so much!

The report was so incredibly insightful, accurate and detailed. It was as if I had been interviewed or observed for a month, with detailed notes being taken throughout, before the report was put together. Thank you!”

Victoria Lyon, Interior Designer

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