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Online Marketing Game Plan 

with Marcia Bench, Online Marketing Strategist

Athinking-smallre you:

  • wishing you could start marketing your business online, but don’t know where to start?
  • getting confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting information you read – and wonder whether any of it really works?
  • wanting to get more ROI on the marketing you are already doing online
  • seeking to leverage the latest trends in online marketing to stay ahead of your competition?

I’m so glad you found this page!

We’re about to give you exactly what you have been looking for: both a year-end checkup process AND a game plan for the next year that will help you multiply the leads and sales you make online – and your market share too!

What if you knew exactly:

  • what your market is looking for – and how to express your message so they will want to hire you?
  • how to use your online blog/web site as a hub in your marketing machine that will continue to draw leads to you 24/7?
  • which social media you need to be using – and how frequently to post as well as what to say?
  • how to automate your social media and blogging so they accomplished your goals in record time?
  • how to make a significant percentage of your income online – and have more time with your family and for yourself next year?

You can!

But if you want to reach those goals with your marketing, you need a Game Plan to get there, right?  

You wouldn’t leave on a driving trip without programming your destination and route into your GPS.  So consider this class your GPS for your 2016 marketing!



Class 1: Your Irresistible Brand and Message

–Who you are as a business – and how to position yourself online including what keywords to optimize, how to become part of the conversation your prospects are already having

–Your tribe/target market – how to know who your ideal customers and prospects are and speak right to them

– Signature System – How to know what your signature system and brand really is – and how to reach the clients that are looking for it

growth2-smallClass 2: Your Blog – The Hub of Your Online Presence

–Blogging – what software to use, and how to set yours up, and protect your content

–Graphics – free or inexpensive ways to create, how to use

–Posting frequency – what to post, how often to post, and key elements of every post for maximum engagement

–SEO – how to use simple keyword research so your prospects actually see your message

–Finding content – sources of content, how to use guest content legally, and more

–Sequencing – how to plan your posts to provide both daily engagement and launch new programs


Class 3: Syndicating Your Content Using Social Media, Video and More

–Spreading the word – how to be sure you aren’t posting in isolation, where your posts MUST be seen and how to automate and simplify posting

–Your social media profiles – keys to engagement and visibility, how to synchronize for consistent branding

–Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ how to use them to mine for and build connections with clients

–Youtube/video marketing – how to use it to create a strong connection with prospects

–Periscope – how it can further deepen your loyal following, and strategies to optimize it

–Increasing your impact – how to exponentially increase the reach of your posts by using some of our 10 methods

creditcard2Class 4: Monetizing Your Blog with Follow-up, Tiered Offerings and More

–Converting online leads to paying clients –how to take the conversation from online to offline, including our 10-step sales script

–Automated CRM and follow-up systems – make sure your hottest leads don’t fall between the cracks with solid customer relationship management and follow-up systems

–Creating service packages at multiple price points – how many price points you need and what to include to keep clients coming back for more

–Cash producing strategies – how to turn your increasing list and traffic into dollars that pay you over and over again

–Lead magnet – how to create a lead magnet people can’t wait to download

–Tracking tools – what software you need to track your results and easy (often free) ways to get

–Exposure agents and partners – how to know whose radar to get onto and how to do it so your message gets shared with thousands of people at once

In short, you’ll learn how to take your online presence from start to money in record time with this course!

Bonnie Roill Oct '15“I was looking for strategies to reboot my online presence for my nutrition coaching business. Marcia’s “Online Marketing Game Plan” came just in time. As a result of what I learned, I returned to a blogging and social media schedule. For the first time I’m sharing my blogs on LinkedIn and getting views and likes! I’m getting 3-5 calls per day from people wanting to work with me. I learned new resources to help make my blogs more appealing and gained more understanding of how to use key words in postings. This class gave me the “kick” to start off this year with plan of action and goals I’m excited to work on. Thanks, Marcia!”

–Bonnie Roill, RDN, CWC, CPT, HCC, MBA

But That’s Not All….You Also Get These 8 Bonuses:

1.Blog headline templates – easily adapt them to your niche ($97)

2.Life Purpose Audio Album – 3 audios to help you know what your purpose is and how it relates to your business ($97)

3.Signature System Creation Sheet – discover your unique system and offering that will make blogging and building your expert platform a cinch ($97)

4.Marcia’s Million Dollar Resource List – get Marcia’s list of prescreened resources to help you with your online marketing ($97)

5.Fee Setting Calculator – don’t guess what to charge for your services, use the formula to know! ($97)

6.10 Steps to Posting and Sharing Your Blog Post – use this as a daily checklist to be sure you cover all the bases ($97)

7.Your Daily Routine – how to start your day off right and incorporate your online marketing systematically ($97)

How it Works

You get immediate access to the course recordings and all bonuses as soon as you register – you complete it at your own pace, and watch the replays as many times as you wish!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed


Review the course content for 30 days, and apply what you have learned.  If you aren’t more than satisfied, we will refund your money. No questions asked!

Marcia Bench


teresa“Thank you so much for your Online Marketing Game Plan course! I’ve had great lead generation from your techniques and trainings, with new followers and connections on three different platforms! Wow!

As a solopreneur, it’s challenging to keep up with everything. You made it easy! You covered so many different avenues in social media, I can go back and reference the recordings and handouts as I move forward in my business growth as an executive career coach.”

–Teresa Adams

So in Short, Here’s What You Get:

  • 4 Live Content-Rich Core Class Webinars with Marcia    $997
  • Blog Headline Templates $97
  • Life Purpose Audio Album $97
  • Signature System Paint-By-Numbers
    Worksheet    $97
  • Million Dollar Resource List $97
  • Fee Setting Calculator $97
  • 10 Steps to Posting and Sharing Your Blog Post $97
  • Your Daily Routine $97


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