moneyWhat is your Financial Set Point? I’m defining it as the amount of money and wealth in all forms that you are currently enjoying and attracting.To find out what that is, look in your bank account!

If you can simply look at that amount objectively and not judge it as good or bad, rich or poor, you are now in a position to both accept what is and begin to create what will be.

The next step in resetting your setpoint is to decide – which means to cut off other options–what your new setpoint will be. If you are currently earning $60,000 per year, perhaps your new setpoint is $80,000 per year within the next six months. Money loves clarity, so it’s not enough just to say you want more money or you want more money left at the end of the month then you have now. You must set a specific amount.

Frequently I talk with coaches and other entrepreneurs in the process of running our wealthy womanpreneur business and ask them what their goals are. Far too many people are vague are haven’t really thought about it so they’re engaging in endless amounts of activity without knowing where it is headed. That is not the best use of our life force energy.

Want you know where you want your setpoint to be, step three is to imagine that you already are earning that amount of money or have that amount of clients or have grown your list to that level or whatever the goal is. Then, consider how you would act differently with prospective clients on the phone, with your family members, and even when you’re out to dinner and choosing what to eat. Do you focus strictly on the price or do you focus on what you would most enjoy with price being a secondary consideration.

Begin to embody the essence of someone who is earning more than you currently are showing in your bank account. Make choices from who you are becoming, not to you currently are.

A very helpful tool in integrating this new reality into your body and your mind and soul is affirmations. Make frequent statements to yourself that are positive such as “I am now attracting more money than I have ever had in my life.”  “I am now showing up in the world as a wealthy entrepreneur, serving my ideal clients and giving great value for which I received great returns. I enjoy my wealthy life and everywhere I turn I see evidence that it is manifesting now.”

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