I have just returned from my amazing and magical trip to Scotland this past week with my mentors and colleagues.  Wow!

The suite where J.K. Rowlings wrote her last Harry Potter book at the Balmoral Hotel was right next door to mine, so you knew that magical and mystical things would happen!  The photo above was taken at the Edinburgh Castle during our sightseeing tour.  Fun!

And what I am so aware of – even before leaving for Scotland – is that now is the era of the Divine Feminine.  Edinburgh itself was divided by a glacier years ago so that  now there is a new part of the city and a medieval part.  Isn’t that the way it feels in society sometimes as we see the growing divide between the “have’s” and the “have-nots”, the Masculine Paradigm and the Feminine Paradigm?

Whether we consider political events, economic events or our own internal shifts, new ways of approaching our lives and doing business are emerging.

Its characteristics include:

  • authenticity versus “it’s only wrong if you don’t get caught”
  • cooperative versus competitive
  • open and receptive versus closed and aggressive
  • organic versus mechanical
  • Spirit-based versus physically-based

And that can be unsettling for us entrepreneurs who may be taught one way by a teacher, but feel the pull inside to something different – maybe even better/greater! – and we are afraid to bring it forth.

I’m being called to “drop my mask” in new ways I haven’t before…and I’m going to be both sharing this journey of following the Divine Feminine on Facebook lives this week and on a webinar this Friday (see Events below) – I invite you to join me on the path and fully share YOUR gifts to enjoy a new level of success and fulfillment as the new era unfolds.

Have a great week!

​​​​​​​To your wealth and success,


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