Do you feel like you ride an “emotional roller coaster” as a self-employed coach?

It’s easy to get caught up in it.  When you get a new client, you’re on cloud 9! And when several days go by during a launch and you don’t get any sales, you’re down in the dumps.

It may seem like the answer is just to get more clients, or to have them committed on a monthly installment schedule – and that can help of course!

But there is a more permanent solution to the roller coaster ride.  It’s something my mindset coach taught me last week, and that I just “got” at a deeper level.

Whether things are “good” or “bad,” “up” or “down,” imagine you’re watching the natural cycles of money and clients and leads from a distance.  You’re “witnessing” it.  You don’t let the extreme emotions grab you – whether high or low.  You just watch it, study what causes lead to what results (like a scientist) and then make the changes necessary to move things in a direction you prefer more.

That’s it! How will it feel not to be in the grip of the emotional ups and downs any more?  That’s where true freedom comes.  And you attract your results from a place of wholeness instead of being attached to the result.  Nothing can disturb your calm.

​​​​​​​I encourage you to play with this idea this week, and share on my Facebook wall or blog what you notice.  Then next week we’ll get specific on how to get out of a slow time in lead or client flow – without attachment.

​​​​​​​To your wealth and success,



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