Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey…and if we don’t surround ourselves with support (of various types), the unfortunate truth is that we’ll probably give up on our dream.

I spent last weekend in Cincinnati with a dedicated group of entrepreneurs learning more about facilitating powerful live retreats (and stay tuned, I’ll be doing a few of them myself this year, details coming soon!).

Here are the three kinds of support I continue to ensure I have on my journey, and that I’d also suggest to you:

  1. Mentorship.  Rather than try to “figure everything out for yourself,” working hard and progressing slowly, mentoring is the shortcut to growing your business.  Find someone who has created the kind of business you want – and is ahead of you on the path – and work closely with them.  I have done this throughout my professional career, and most recently made an even deeper commitment to someone I consider to be my role model for the next level, and it’s not only saved me time and money but gives me a place to go with questions and successes.
  1. Entrepreneur peers (including an inner circle).  Next, you need to surround yourself (like a warm blanket) with a close group of like-minded entrepreneurs that “get” what you want to do, are on a similar path, and can share both the victories and the defeats with you. It takes a village to raise a child – and it takes a community to grow a successful coach.  This may be a mastermind group, a group taking a program with you, or similar type of peer group.  Once you are part of it, be active! Contribute and interact daily, whether or not you think you have anything brilliant to share…and it will pay off now and in the future.
  1. Spiritual connection.  Finally (and definitely last but not least) is having a spiritual connection within yourself to something larger than you are – and a sense that your work in the world is an extension of your spiritual life’s purpose.  Your business should express your life mission and purpose – that’s why it was given to you!  And no one else can offer it quite like you can.

I’d love to hear your experiences with getting and maintaining support on your journey…please share your comments on my blog here or on our free Wealthy Womanpreneurs Facebook group – and have a blessed and prosperous week!

​​​​​​​To your wealth and success,



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