One of the experiences we both crave to participate in and to create is that of community – true connection with like-minded people with whom we can discuss what’s nearest and dearest to our hearts.  And as entrepreneurs, that often is not our family of origin – if they are employees, they won’t “get” the entrepreneur mindset.

Last week I had the opportunity to be part of an invitation only think tank/ mastermind with 11 other seasoned thought leaders from a variety of fields – some business coaches, one a dentist, a web designer, a physician, a social media strategist, and a couple of people in transition that are figuring out who they want to be next!  It was a magical time talking about how we can use our natural gifts to contribute solutions to the world problems that are on everyone’s mind today – as well as tactical speaking and communication strategies and tools.

I experience leading such a group in our weekly coaching calls with the Sold Out Coaching Programs group – which by the way is NOT sold out!  Some people think because it has “sold out” in the name that it’s full but it isn’t!  It’s designed to help you sell out your coaching programs…including all the steps along the way. To find out more and apply, go to – whether you want everything done for you in the Accelerator version or are happy with group coaching and training for 4 months, it’s a powerful transforming experience!

So the questions I would invite you to consider this week are:  1) How am I leading and creating community for my clients in my business? and 2) How am I providing community for myself by being in a coaching group or other mastermind that fully supports me in moving to the next level?

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