I am still reveling in my recent trip to Scotland with my mentoring group – which was a total manifestation by the way!  It shows the power of setting an intention and allowing the Universe to provide all that is needed – just as I’m sharing with you in the new Conscious Client Attraction Manifesto we have been sharing all last week.

There’s nothing more powerful than setting aside the time to learn live and in person – the transformation of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs is unparalleled!  And that’s part of why I’m hosting our upcoming Dream It DO It! Retreat here in Portland in October.  It’s nice to learn through webinars and online mentoring (and I recommend it!) – but live learning amplifies it and allows you to get even more from it.

And do plan to join us for today’s new Masterclass on how to apply this 7-step process to your business (see Events below).  Here’s to your expanding success and embracing the Divine Feminine with ease and grace in your business!

​​​​​​​To your rising consciousness and success,

P.S. If you are feeling the call to uplevel, follow it!  We’re here to support you – and I invite you to join our newly rebranded Conscious Client Attraction Facebook Group.  Look for the daily themes to share your services, your gratitude posts and more!


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