I have known many powerful healers, spiritual coaches and intuitive mentors in my life…and they have helped me through such difficult turning points in my own journey.

Do you long to do that with your clients too?

If so, I thought I would share my top 5 traits of spiritually-minded coaches.  And if you have more to add, please do so on my Facebook page or blog at www.marciabench.com 

  1. A deep heart- and soul-felt connection with a Higher Power– They know that there is a higher force at work than what is apparent to the 5 human senses.  This connection with God, the Universe or Higher Power grounds them during challenging times and inspires them as they provide their service.  This connection is often fostered through meditation and prayer.


  1. Strong intuition– Spiritual coaches get information through their intuition both about their own journey (inner guidance) and on behalf of their clients.  As they share these intuitive hits during sales calls and coaching sessions, clients have massive breakthroughs.  And the coach feels guided on his/her path.


  1. Willingness to be honest and vulnerable – Because they have done their own personal growth and spiritual work, healing the past and forgiving those they need to forgive, they can be vulnerable and open with their clients.  Nothing rattles them as they maintain an emotional equilibrium.


  1. View their work as a spiritual path and service –They don’t see being a coach as a job or even a business, but a spiritual practice, path and service.  They are fulfilling their divine life’s purpose through this work! They seek daily guidance in their meditation time as to what their Higher Power would have them do (and also do so before each session), and trust that the perfectly matched clients will be attracted to them.


  1. Knowledge of spiritual laws – As they reach out to prospective clients and share their content in workshops, webinars, blog posts, Facebook posts and email, they see the higher meaning and energetic perspective on these activities.  Each word has energy, each connection is divine, and their business results are simply a manifestation of their internal beliefs and energetic vibration.  If the results don’t satisfy them, they change the energy they are holding and reprogram their beliefs – and improved results must follow.


Do you resonate with these traits of the spiritual coach or entrepreneur?

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