Are you using media in your marketing plan this year?

I had the delight and privilege of being on our ABC affiliate’s morning TV show last week, AM Northwest, talking about our 4 goal setting types (which we’ll explore further in our upcoming Conscious Goal Setting course, see Events below).

During my national tour as my coaching career was starting, I obtained coverage on the front page of our local newspaper’s Living section as well as coverage around the country.

But how did they learn about me? I sent them a press release!  (Or these days sometimes just an email with a story idea will do.)

And while it may seem out of reach for you to get coverage – especially when you are just starting out – imagine how many pages, 5-minute blocks on TV, or installments in a podcast the editor/producer needs to fill?

The key to my getting this spot booked literally within days of submitting it and being on the air was tying my topic to current events.  In this case, it was in the context of new year’s resolutions and goal setting – they’re always looking for tips with different approaches.

If something has just happened in the news (and there’s plenty these days!), ​​​​​​​connect what you do to that.  And even if you’re not directly involved in political consulting, political issues can be used as anchors for your stories! (E.g., talking about body language or ethics or similar topics in light of President Trump’s recent comments.)

So right now, sit down and list 10 subjects within your expertise area that you could talk or write about for a few minutes or a page or two. Then brainstorm how you could connect one or more of these to current events, holidays like the one we celebrate today (MLK Day), or otherwise make them newsworthy.  Finally, contact several of your local print, radio and television outlets – or a podcast you love – to see if your story would add value to their show. You’ll be surprised how much they will welcome your ideas!

Also – be sure to join me tomorrow in the ENCORE (one time only) of our new Masterclass,New Paradigm Goal Setting.” Learn to use attracting and magnetizing, not just working harder and harder and hoping for better results.

​​​​​​​Join us and get some fresh insights to help you with the rest of your 2018 planning – and some support in the process too!

Have a fun and focused week!

To your success,

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