Attention: passionate coaches, consultants, healers, and service business owners of all kinds:


It’s Time to Set Yourself Up for True Wealth and Success in 2017!

Isn’t it time you FINALLY created the business and life of your dreams – that’s authentically you – next year?

I’ll teach you how to do so in just 30 days!


confident-businesswomanDear Passionate Entrepreneur,

The days of planning for planning’s sake are DEAD.

You’re feeling it – you’re tired of the same old, same old, you KNOW there’s more for you to do in the world – and you aren’t sure how to translate it into a money-making venture you LOVE.

You’ve probably tried following the “gurus” that tell you their way to reach the pinnacle of success – but it doesn’t work for you.

Maybe you’re even really good at making detailed logical, linear plans – but you can’t seem to follow through to implement them.

It’s time for a new approach!  Become a truly Wealthy Womanpreneur™ with a new kind of vision – and a new quality of life!

What if you had a way to forecast and actually ENJOY the success you long for that:

  • blended your business savvy with your heart?
  • taught you how to synch your inner soul’s calling with the natural rhythm of your Divine Blueprint?
  • helped you understand YOUR unique style (not a copy of someone else’s) and plan from the INSIDE out?
  • gave you a way to not only create a kick-ass PLAN – but to do it in the company of a COOL group of peers?
  • laid out simple fill-in-the-blanks tools and rituals to help you IMPLEMENT the plan once it’s complete?

That’s what we’re doing in Vision 2017 – completely REINVENTING the planning and goal-setting paradigm so you can truly set yourself up for short- and long-term wealth creation in your business, and LOVE the process too!

Whether you love setting goals or avoid them like the plague, finding a way to not only plan – but actually implement – the results you wish to create in your business is the key to success and growth.

There are a TON of marketing programs out there, and while many have good content, they don’t always have the answers you need.

You can create wonderful social media, email marketing, and video – and have a beautifully designed web site and great content – but if you don’t know your goal setting style, don’t know how to time your offerings (within each year and year by year) and don’t know what systems to use to implement your intended goals, you won’t get there!

Stop the guesswork!

mentorThe Answers You Have Been Looking for Are Built Into Your DNA

The gifts you bring into the world – and the specific way in which your soul desires to express them through your business – are “hard wired” into you in the form of your life purpose, numerology profile and pathway, and goal setting type. By taking a closer look at these 3 key factors – and adding several easy-to-use tools to track your implementation, you’ll FINALLY reach (or exceed) the goals you set!

Take me right to the curriculum for your course

Why I Created This Course For You

2linkedinavm_5048ip2I’m Marcia Bench, and have been coaching, speaking, consulting and training coaches for more than 25 years, pioneering the application of life purpose as a basis for fulfillment in work and in business…but I have never found anything as powerful as what I’m going to share with you in this upcoming course. And I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned to help YOU make 2017 your best year yet!

Since I started combining proven business building and goal-setting principles with numerology and some amazing tracking tools, I have discovered entirely new dimensions of my strengths and gifts – and a newfound passion for my business too. And what’s really been exciting is seeing the exponential increase in my results and work as I am now more able to align with who I really am!  As a result, I have:

  • Completely rebranded and repositioned my business so it is in full alignment with my message, my mission and my passion, leading to my having more fun, as well as more success, joy and fulfillment than I ever imagined possible
  • Made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people from around the world  – through my new work and that which has preceded it – via radio, telesummits, teleseminars and live events in 45 countries
  • Accessed more of my creativity, special gifts and talents and found the perfect ways to express these gifts in the world
  • Took more risks and experienced huge pay-offs

So if you are wondering how you can do more of this in YOUR life and business, look no further…




What You’ll Learn

build-your-brand-690x450When you join me in this groundbreaking course – like NONE other in the marketplace! – you will:

  • Discover how to find your own personal brand so you are in full alignment with your mission, message and passion
  • Know how to set achievable goals – not only in your business but in every area of your life
  • Learn how to have a positive impact on a global tribe without ever leaving the comfort of your home
  • Discover how to access more creativity and special gifts and talents to fully live your life purpose (Imagine living your purpose every day!)
  • Know how to time your offerings so they perfectly sync with your own energy and that of your market
  • Create a plan that blends both your intuition AND your intellect – one you LOVE! (and your client do too!)
  • Double, triple, or quadruple last year’s INCOME and IMPACT with a new-paradigm business approach that bring you both ease and joy

Here are the specific topics we will explore together – including PERSONALIZED numerology reports for each class participant each week!:



Discover Who You Are As An Entrepreneur; Your Unique Purpose, Gifts And Life Path In The Context Of The 1 Energy of 2017

The only way to create a business that is authentically and uniquely YOU is to understand your Divine Blueprint – as revealed in your numerology profile and forecast.  You came into this lifetime with specific intentions, gifts and challenges – as well as divine TIMING for them to unfold.  Getting into harmony with this Blueprint can turn struggle into ease almost overnight! And as we begin a new 9-year cycle universally in 2017, it’s your time to shine and create what you long for!


  • Learn what Business Numerology is and how it can illuminate your entrepreneurial journey
  • Explore the 1 energy of 2017 and what it means to you in terms of what business activities are best this year
  • Get an introduction to the energy of your Core Numbers, and their significance throughout your life
  • Discover your Life Purpose – using a simple 4-part formula – and finally get clear on what may have eluded you for years
  • Find out what your unique gifts are – specifically for this lifetime – and how to apply them in your business to enhance your success
  • Get aligned with your highest service in the world for 2017 and beyond – the you that is emerging NOW, not more of who you’ve been in the past


How To Set And Achieve New Paradigm Goals For Wealth And Success In Your Business, Your Relationships, And Your Life – So You Create A Future That Is Not Only Prosperous But Enjoyable And Fulfilling Too

Being a Wealthy Womanpreneur means more than just earning money and attracting clients (though those are part of the picture!).  Women like you start their businesses to enjoy freedom, balance, fulfillment AND wealth.  But somehow the balance often gets lost along the way OR you set goals that aren’t true to your personality and desire and they end up unfulfilled on a shelf.  And you’re confused, overwhelmed and frustrated.  Banish these emotions with what you learn in module 2.


  • Discover the 4 qualities of achievable goals – and why most people don’t get the results they want
  • Discover which of the 4 goal-setting types is yours – and how to accommodate it for greater success in achieving your goals
  • Experience a LIVE goal-setting process in all 8 key areas of your life – in real time during class (no putting it off any more!)
  • Find out why most people’s calendars don’t even address 75% of the goals that are most important to us – and how to reverse it for yourself
  • Turn your chaos, frustration and overwhelm into CLARITY – with beautiful, powerful goals you CAN implement!
  • Embrace YOUR unique style of planning and reaching the key milestones in your business – instead of copying what others do


How to Design Wealth-Creating Coaching or Service Packages, Pricing, and Launch Strategies – with Paint by Numbers Worksheets for Projecting Your Numbers

Now for the juicy part!  You know WHO you are, and WHAT you want to create – let’s get to it!  Package your brilliance into higher priced programs that will engage high quality clients with ease – and multiply your income by 2, 3, or 5 times what you made in prior years! (Or give you a huge jump start and cash infusion if you’re just starting out.)  With our easy-to-follow templates, you can literally have your service packages ready to use – and know what numbers you need to meet – within 1-2 hours of this training session!  And the best news is: you can get started selling without having a web site!


  • Quickly and easily create multiple packages for your services so you can meet clients where they are AND create multiple income streams – and watch your income multiply!
  • Learn the secrets of creating a signature system that you become known for throughout your markets – and see how much easier it is to sell
  • Get a spreadsheet tool that helps you easily plan your offerings throughout the year AND project your income by month and by program…without hiring a bookkeeper or getting stressed out!
  • Become known globally and locally for your unique services by following our Wealthy Womanpreneur Map to prosperity and success
  • Get systems and support resources to help you handle the “tech stuff” you hate – at low or no cost – so you can focus on what you love best!


How to Track Your Numbers And Achieve Or Exceed Your Goals – And Create A Rockin’ Business And Life In 2017!

The best plan in the world won’t create wealth for you unless you actually IMPLEMENT it throughout the next 12 months.  Here we tap into your Divine Blueprint and goal setting type to design custom strategies just right for you to stay ON TRACK, be ACCOUNTABLE, and make steady PROGRESS toward your desired end result.


  • Discover your level of readiness for change – and how to match your support and action plan to it – this will finally reveal WHY you haven’t achieved your goals in the past
  • Get simple daily, monthly and quarterly tracking tools that will help you celebrate your success and adjust course as you go
  • Discover the 10 laws of manifesting and creation that you can use daily to ensure that both your left brain and right brain are involved in your goal achievement
  • Find out how to blend emotional and analytical approaches for optimum success
  • Master the use of not only bulleted lists and calendar tools but also mind maps, vision boards and visualization to irresistibly draw what you want to you – and unlock the doors to what’s held you back in the past
  • Celebrate your victories as you reach your milestones – and have a community of like-minded souls to share your success and challenges with!

You will be AMAZED at how much you learn in 4 short sessions – and how much more easily your business flows once you have these “secret” insights and tools within your grasp.


Is This Right For Me?

I’m sure you’re wondering by now – is this course right for me? Well, let me tell you who is the perfect fit for it and you decide!

This class is designed for you if you are:

  • A coach, consultant, speaker, author or other service-providing entrepreneur who wants to have your best results yet in 2017, whose income has plateaued, or who is having trouble building a solid foundation of income and clients
  • A seasoned entrepreneur with good working knowledge of marketing – but needs additional tools in your toolkit to grow your business to the next level
  • Someone who wants to start out right in your business by gaining the insights numerology can bring in addition to marketing expertise you may gain.
  • A business owner that’s doing well but wants to morph your business to a whole new vibration and level of success – and knows that the game of business works from the inside out!

You are NOT a good fit if you are someone who:

  • Chooses to see yourself as a victim, versus an active creator in your own life
  • Is not open to spiritual topics, energy work and metaphysics as tools to gain insights
  • Is closed to new ways of thinking about life, business, money, energy and success

“Wow! Your report totally blew my mind Marcia!  Thank you so much!

The report was so incredibly insightful, accurate and detailed. It was as if I had been interviewed or observed for a month, with detailed notes being taken throughout, before the report was put together. Thank you!”

Victoria Lyon

Interior Designer

Why Me?


Great question!  If you haven’t worked with me before, you need to know a little about my journey and why I am the right guide to take you into your best year yet.

My name is Marcia Bench and I have been an entrepreneur for literally half of my life (more than 25 years) and have shared my work with people in 45 countries (speaking face to face in several of them).  I consider myself a “Transformational Mentor to Coaches and Passionate Entrepreneurs”.  I founded the first career coach training school in the world and grew it to 15 straight years of mid-6-figure income living in a small town in Arizona.  I have spoken to thousands of audiences, done hundreds if not thousands of webinars, and written 25 books including best sellers such as Become an Inspirational Thought Leader and Carer Coaching: An Insider’s Guide.

Here’s how I’m different from other coaches and trainers.

2linkedinavm_5048ip2In addition to having a law degree, psychology degree and multiple coaching credentials, I’m also a very intuitive, spiritual person who blends energy healing with practical, hit-the-pavement-now business strategies.  The result is a holistic blend of left and right brain, old and new paradigms, that create the results YOU want – your clients love – and a lifestyle that is unmatched.

I was one of the first few authors published by Hay House besides Louise Hay, and shared the stage with the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra among others.  I have been featured at dozens of national and international conferences as an expert on entrepreneurship. So I know how to help you become visible, to reach your goals, and to do so authentically.

I faced cancer in the second year of my first online business, have dealt with financial setbacks, divorce, my mother’s strokes (two within 7 months) and being caregiver.  So I know what it’s like for “life” to interfere with business – and I also have been forced to learn how to engage in radical self care while serving my clients and students.Clear strategy and solutions for business leadership symbol with a straight path to success as a journey choosing the right strategic path for business with blank yellow traffic signs cutting through a maze of tangled roads and highways.

My wealth of experience in business includes a broad range of industries and governments, both in terms of where I have worked, spoken, and served clients – including 500 executives I personally worked with while running a consulting team as an executive vice president.

My promise to you is that you will gain a holistic, realistic approach to your goals, plans and business growth that WORKS – and we won’t leave “you” out of the equation!”


“I was looking for strategies to reboot my online presence for my nutrition coaching business. Marcia’s course came just in time. As a result of what I learned, I returned to a blogging and social media schedule. For the first time I’m sharing my blogs on LinkedIn and getting views and likes – and in 2 weeks of publishing I garnered over 250 followers!  Three to 5 people per DAY are calling me to explore working with me.  I learned new resources to help make my blogs more appealing and gained more understanding of how to use key words in postings. This class gave me the “kick” to start off this year with plan of action and goals I’m excited to work on. Thanks Marcia!” Bonnie Roill, RDN, CWC, CPT, HCC, MBA

“Having Marcia one on one to focus on my business, giving pointers, coming up with strategies to use and avenues to take was an amazing experience. Marcia helped me to put the pieces to my puzzle together that was keeping me stuck. I now feel geared up and ready to go.  I have already begun to implement some of her ideas and plan to continue.  I have a specific goal and the plan is to see it materialize by the first of the year.  I am confident if I follow Marcia’s guidance I will reach my goal.  She is awesome!” Madeline Lewis

“Prior to working with Marcia, I had participated in several other coaching programs with a few fairly well-known coaches. However, after two years of learning all I could, I still did not feel I had a solid sense of direction to launch my own business.

Through working with Marcia, I became very clear on that value that I have to offer to others, and the best way to “package” and deliver that value so I could help others while maintaining a schedule and a lifestyle that supports me as well. Thank you, Marcia…your support, guidance and inspiration have made a tremendous difference for me. I am excited about the direction my business is now taking, and I’m looking forward to great things to come.

In fact, I have just recently had two new clients commit to work with me, and four more are expected to commit within the next month. Interest in my services – as well as my email list – is definitely increasing.”

Sharon Hibbard

Compelling Content Creation

“I had my first session with Marcia during a particularly difficult time in my life. Her insights helped me experience more peace, understanding and healing around the situations I was going through. I felt lighter, clearer, and more free after speaking with her. The session was part of an intense week that feels like it literally shifted my DNA… and my view on the world.” Christine Kloser

Creator of Transformational Author Program

Course Dates and Details

calendarThe class is scheduled just in time for you to complete it before you take your holiday break – when many entrepreneurs do their planning for the new year.  So it’s Tuesday and Thursday December 6, 13, 15 and 20, with bonus Q&A call in January.

Each class is taught via convenient webinar, and will be 90 minutes long and PACKED with both content and plenty of time to get your questions answered.



numerology-150x150Personalized Numerology Report

This won’t be a class where you get just a “generic” interpretation of the relevant numbers and their energy – you get a personalized numerology report in our brand NEW AND IMPROVED format covering the specific aspects of your profile and/or forecast that we discuss each week. We’ll deliver this to you by email as soon as you enroll.



Juicy, Content-Packed Learning Guides for Each Session

We will provide you with recorded mp4 videos and informative handout and generous space for notes for each class too.



sbtn-book-cover-223x300Free Book, Success By The Numbers

You also receive a free copy of my book Success By The Numbers: Discover Your Keys to Wealth and Fulfillment Through Business Numerology

Hidden within you are the keys to success, wealth and fulfillment – live your Inspired Success Path using Business Numerology!



Bonus Q&A Session

Shortly after the first of the year, Marcia is hosting a closed-door Q&A call ONLY for participants in this course where you can share your plans, your insights and aha’s and your questions about the content – or about ANYTHING in business you are uncertain about.

This will help you sustain the energy into your actual implementation of the principles you learn and the plan you create!

“Love This Program or Your Money Back” Guarantee

guaranteeI’m confident that when you call in for our first class of “Vision 2017,” you’re going to be amazed by what you learn – and how it illuminates your entrepreneurial journey. I also know that if you follow the guidance given in the class and your numerology reports, you WILL enjoy your business more – and start to see improved results soon.

Just to back that up, attend the first two classes and experience this powerful work and really decide if it’s for you…in your heart. If you decide it’s not for you… just let us know within 30 days and get a full refund of your course tuition. No reason needed.

–Marcia Bench

Yes, Marcia, I’m Ready – Reserve My Spot In Vision 2017 Now!

When I enroll in this one-of-a-kind class, I receive:

* 4 insight- and information-packed LIVE Teleclasses – led by Marcia Bench (classes will be held ; all classes will be recorded in case you miss one!)

* Bonus 1: My Personalized Numerology Reports EACH Week of Class

* Bonus 2: Recorded mp4 videos and Handouts for EVERY session

* Bonus 3: Free Book, Success By The Numbers

* Bonus 4: Bonus Q&A Session

*FULL PAY BONUS – when you pay in full, you get a ONE-HOUR individual session with Marcia to debrief your numerology or discuss any other questions or challenges related to your business ($1497 value)!

So What Does This Cost?

This course is in many ways four courses in one, each of which is easily worth $1000!

You get clarity on your numerology and life/soul purpose (course 1), a masterclass in goal setting types and how to achieve then (course 2), guidance on how to package your services for high-end fast results (course 3), and then multiple ways to actually implement your goals, dreams and launches using both logical and manifesting tools (course 4).

And Marcia’s readings run $997 each by themselves!

So while we could easily charge $2497 or more for this training, we have priced it at the affordable rate of just $1497 or 3 payments of $525.

And if you enroll before the end of November, you save a full $500 so you get the entire course, your numerology report and the Q&A call and bonuses for just $997!

*FULL PAY BONUS – when you pay in full, you get a ONE-HOUR individual session with Marcia to debrief your numerology or discuss any other questions or challenges related to your business ($1497 value)!


FULL PAY NOW (best deal) $1497 – Early Bird special just $997


Pay in three monthly installments – normally $525, early bird rate $375!


I have done my best to overpromise and make it a “no-brainer” for you to say yes. So I invite you to register in the space above…and if you still have questions, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

To your success,



Your EARLY BIRD price will also give you immediate access to the VISION 2017 MASTERMIND GROUP,where I will be available for 30 minutes 2 times a week to answer questions + I will be doing 2 LIVESTREAM CLASSES before our official launch date of Dec 6th.

Contact Us Today About How to Get This Course for FREE With Our Business Training

“When I first met Marcia I was frustrated with the way I was operating as a business. I felt disorganized and overwhelmed, needed help in marketing and promoting myself, and my program offerings did not have a flow and were very scattered. Marcia helped me immensely with systematizing my business to the point of seeing larger revenue potential I never thought possible. The most significant take away has been the development of my Signature System, which has helped my program organization and create a BUZZ about my services. I made more than $7000 in a recent one-hour presentation – nearly 4 times what I would have been paid using my old approach! I know I now have the pieces of puzzle necessary to thrive, not just survive.” Karen McGeehan

Inner View Nutrition

“Working with Marcia was the single best investment I made this year. I closed three clients at higher fees than I have ever charged, bringing in more than $59,500 of business in just a few weeks! I am now on track to TRIPLE my income this year, and on my way to my goal to start a private health facility for children to manage and overcome anxiety-related illnesses, thanks to Marcia’s masterful coaching.” Elizabeth Lengyel

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