We have just ended a celebration weekend, some for Easter and in other traditions rejoicing in spring and the rebirth in nature.

So let me ask you a question: what are you birthing in your business now?  Or in your life? (Since it’s all connected.)

This is a 1 Universal year, which means you are planting seeds that will yield their harvest over the coming 9 years.  Plant mindfully and thoughtfully!

Even if you’re offering the same services you have been, how can you re-energize your brand or repackage or retitle your services so they are fresh for you and for your clients?  This energy of the new amps up our emotions, our overall vibration, and our ability to attract new clients and manifest the success we want.

We’re having such fun enrolling people into our two new programs, Your Coaching Brand (4 weeks) and Sold Out Coaching Programs (4 months) in our brand new video plus group mentoring format!  I LOVE seeing people having breakthroughs in building their coaching businesses in just two or three weeks and embracing their gifts!

Here are 3 tips to stimulate your creativity so generate new program ideas or ways to repurpose what you’re already doing in new ways:

1) Take a break! That’s right – too much time in front of the computer can quash your creativity.  Go for a walk, have lunch with a friend, take a drive or get a massage.  It’s amazing what unfolds when you give your mind a chance to rest.

2) Unleash the artist within!  Even if you don’t think of yourself as artistic, it helps reveal creative ideas to pull out a flip chart or just a blank piece of paper and some crayons or felt tipped markers and draw your ideas.  Use mindmaps or just sketch what comes to you.  Brainstorm key words.  Give your right brain (the creative side) free rein!

3) Let it germinate.  Once you have some ideas to work with, then go back to some other work or have a snack or meal – get away from the brainstorming for a bit – even overnight.  Then come back and organize your ideas – and take the first step toward implementation!

Let us know how your creative-storm goes ok?

​​​​​​​To your wealth and success,

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