Have you ever considered hosting your own event?

​​​​​​​I’ve probably attended hundreds in my years as a coach, speaker, author and entrepreneur – and they are one of my favorite experiences.  But should you do your own? When? And how?

At right you see me with “Rock Your Talk” expert Kristin Schiffner Thompson, who held her event for aspiring speakers right here in Portland last weekend.  It was amazing!  She totally brought her personality to the event and stage while delivering great content.

So should you hold a live event yourself? Here are 4 questions to help you decide:

  1. Do you have a clear brand, micro-niche and Signature System?

Ideally your event should be an avenue for you to facilitate face-to-face transformation and learning around a proven system that you already coach people around in either individual or group coaching.  It should be one that you have tested and can get consistent results with.  Then, the live event is a deeper level for people to have access to you and your training.

  1. Do you know your goals for doing an event?

There is no reason to do an event just to do an event – it needs to serve a need in your overall business plan – e.g., to invite clients to a mastermind or coaching program, to create some great video in a great venue, or even to serve your clients more deeply.  As retreat expert Darla LeDoux points out, there are two kinds of retreats – Connection retreats that are open to the public, and Fulfillment retreats that are closed and attended by clients only as part of a coaching program or mastermind.

  1. What size event would (a) be best for your goals and (b) most comfortable for you?

In the past 2 weeks I have attended a small group one-day retreat with 15 people, a 3-day training event for 75 people, and a 3-day extravagant entrepreneur conference-style event for 300 attendees.  Any of these can work!  It depends on what setting you feel most comfortable in and whether a small or a large event will more likely create the kind of connection you want with your clients or prospects.  You also have the option to hold your retreats in exotic locations or in your local city, whatever sounds like fun to you.

  1. Do you know how to plan a successful event? 

There is an art to facilitating a live event, regardless of size.  How many days to do it, when to teach versus doing exercises, how much interaction to have, when to make your offer, and so many other details – not to mention the venue negotiation process! This is something we help our clients with – when they are ready – and something I have both studied and used in the dozens of events I have hosted over the years.  If planning an event is in your future, contact us to set up a conversation, ok? 

Want to attend an event yourself and see how it’s done?  See the invitation to our Conscious Client Attraction Live retreat next week below – just 2 spots left!

Have a fabulous week!

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