As recently as just a few years ago, it seemed to be enough to say not just that you were a coach, but that you were a career coach or a life coach or had some specialty within the coaching industry. That is no longer sufficient.

In an era where the marketplace becomes increasingly crowded every day, our prospects are bombarded with literally thousands of marketing messages every day. They’ve seen messages about the general scope of what you do – and you could no longer stand out that way.

So what are you to do instead?

The way to define yourself today is to create what we at Conscious Client Attraction call a micro-niche. That is, if for example you are a career coach, you choose a specific age range, industry, and other demographic traits that share a common problem. Maybe they are Boomers worried about age discrimination in the job search or they just feel restless or board with what you still interested them but they aren’t ready to retire yet.

You pick a slice of the pie – not the whole pie (read: demographic) – to focus on.  Then define the specific problem you help them solve.

Your micro-niche would be to provide services that solves that specific problem for that specific group. By narrowly defining your niche not just as a group of people or a general kind of services but as a specific problem you solve for a specific population, they then resonate with you like no one else will.  And to add the “secret sauce,” share your story poignantly at the heart of the brand and they’ll follow you anywhere.

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To your rising consciousness and success,

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