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  • Find the answers that have eluded you in what it really takes to move your coaching, consulting, or other service business forward (hint: it’s NOT just another marketing strategy!)
  • Discover with absolute clarity the work you were born to do – and the next steps in making it real, viable and abundant
  • Clear energy and money blocks to making money using your unique gifts
  • Discover how to attract the perfect clients that are an energetic and vibrational match for your gifts
  • Uplevel your vibration so that you can quantum leap your work to its next level
  • Package and price high-end premium offers your clients LOVE (so you can charge $10k, $20k or more)
  • Get your web site online – or convert it to a lead conversion site – so it helps build your business
  • Online marketing strategies just right for you – from email marketing to articles, video, Linkedin, Facebook and more
  • Offline marketing tactics that help expand your reach – including speaking, writing, and networking
  • Help you accelerate your manifesting of money and all forms of good so you can live in abundance
  • How to have a powerful sales conversation that more often than not converts prospects to clients
  • Create a freedom-based lifestyle that blends work, play and family in a way that’s perfect for you
  • Feel excited and joyful about every day you get to work doing what you love and are called to do!
  • Get a prestigious credential – the Wealthy Womanpreneur Diploma – to proudly display to your clients and prospects!

Then you’re in exactly the right place.  By joining the Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School and getting your Wealthy Womanpreneur Diploma, you show you commitment to excellence, you get everything you need in ONE place instead of struggling to get it from multiple coaches and trainers – and your business pays YOU as you learn!

We’ve been there, we’ve been guiding entrepreneurs into success for more than 25 years!  And we know the latest strategies that will propel you into success -whether you have a web site or a big list or are just starting out!  No one else is providing this unique kind of support that combines spirituality, money and manifesting, sound business principles and launch strategy – all together!

Your $20K months, elite clients and huge impact are on their way!
Strictly Limited Spaces


Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School is a one-of-a-kind learning experience, combining training, mentoring, spirituality and energy healing, Sacred Feminine Wealth, solid strategy and the support of a sisterhood you will love.

Quite simply, there is no better way to get the information, guidance and support you need – all in one place – than with this amazing program.

Your benefits vary depending on the level you choose.  Here are the options:


The first 10 people to sign up for the Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School and pay in full for the year will get all of the courses, bonuses and (if selected) mentoring listed PLUS a bonus 60-minute intensive strategy call with Marcia (a $2000 value).

So you don’t have a wait even a week to start getting the benefits of your enrollment – Marcia will help you chart a course from your current results to your desired goals, and point you toward the fastest and best way to get there with her help!  This can change the whole course of your business – really!  You just need to follow the roadmap we lay out in this session.

Most clients find that this session raises their energy and excitement even higher – and the energy healing begins now!  With these shifts in vibration, you can start to attract more clients at higher prices right away – even if you are just starting out and don’t have a web site or a list yet!  Marcia will be sure you are super clear about what you need to do and how to tap into the immense array of resources available through WWBS. Don’t delay – get on board with this game changer and let’s do this!


Rapid Riches (including 20 personal mentoring sessions):

Pay in full $11,997

Installments: 10 x $1497

Fabulous Femme (including 10 personal mentoring sessions):

Pay in full $9,997

Installments: 10 x $997

ALA Carte – all 4 courses and bonuses, no mentoring:

Pay in full $7,997

Installments: 10 x $997

ALA carte – course 1 only (starts January 23):

Pay in full $1997

Installments: 3 x $797


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