Are you ready to abandon money struggle and lack,
and step into your power as a Wealthy Womanpreneur?


The world needs more women who capably blend spirituality, sales, strategy and soul —
and create abundance in the process. Will you be one of them?

Dear Passionate Entrepreneur,

This is the day you STOP feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused and afraid.

Maybe you are a new entrepreneur muddling your way through all the steps of the startup process.

Or you might be a seasoned pro whose mojo has gone bye-bye – and you’re no longer excited about what used to light you up.

You might be in either of these categories and getting to “a certain age,” where you worry – “Can I still create the kind of wealth I want to sustain me in the future?” Retirement savings are low or non-existent – or flew the coop in the Downturn – and you don’t know if your dreams will ever really come true.

Can I tell you a secret?

I’ve been there!

My name is Marcia Bench, and though I’ve been a lawyer, a consultant, a coach, trainer, author and speaker for more than 25 years – I had one of those “birthdays that end in 0” a few years ago…and I started having those same thoughts.

checkbox-red2Is it too late?

checkbox-red2Has life already passed me by?

checkbox-red2Can I secure the future for myself and my family – and leave the legacy I know is mine to leave?

checkbox-red2Will I be able to help the people I want to help with my unique message and gifts?

In times past, those worries may have been well-founded.  But not now!

Being a Wealthy Womanpreneur Offers You the Hope and the Expansive, Vibrant and Abundant Financial Future You’ve Been Seeking!

More about that in a minute…but let’s talk about you.

You’ve enjoyed success in your career and perhaps you’ve had your own business for some time now.  What you live for is the transformation you can help others have when they realize their greatness, transform into more of themselves, overcome a problem you have helped them solve – or otherwise have that “aha” moment.

There’s no question you’re absolutely brilliant at what you do – and you have the credentials, the life experiences, and the ability to communicate that makes people know, like and trust you.

But you aren’t making the money you want – and need – to make to really enjoy your work and life.  You have self-doubt, you’re a little afraid to rock the boat of what everyone else seems to charge – and as a result, you wonder from time to time whether you should just go back and get a J-O-B.

Beautiful woman, it’s time to stop threatening to give up on your dream, living week to week or month to month “hoping” things will change.


It’s time to let go of:

checkbox-red2Struggling to pay the bills because you undercharge for your services

checkbox-red2Working 12 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week, trying to keep up

checkbox-red2Growing your business slowly instead of accelerating with the help of a mentor and a great team

checkbox-red2Feeling overwhelmed with all the minutiae and details of running your business – especially the technology you hate!

checkbox-red2Attracting clients who are struggling too – and are harder to work with as a result!

You know what you want – but the path to get there isn’t as easy as it sounded when you first thought about starting your own business.

The amazing thing is, just a few simple shifts to how you are doing things – and the beliefs and mindset you bring to each day as you run your business – can make a difference almost immediately in your income, your enjoyment, your freedom, and your bottom line.

But you’ll have to change.  You’ll have to give up your familiar habits.

You’ll have to learn to be coachable.

Do you really think you are serving people more effectively by being in financial struggle?  Of course not!

The world has enough people sitting on the sidelines, afraid to make a move.  In fact, business startups are at their lowest in years in 2016, mainly because people have yet to learn the NEW rules and paradigm of what we call Sacred Feminine Wealth™ that is required for success in today’s post-Downturn marketplace.

That’s part of what you will learn – and embody – in the Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School.

Our one-of-a-kind Wealthy Womanpreneur Diploma (“the Entrepreneur’s MBA”) offers a unique blend of training, mentoring, online resources and community support that makes success easy and effortless.  It is right for you whether you are just starting your entrepreneur business or are a seasoned pro who is rebranding or wants a refresher or update on current business building trends.

In just a few weeks, you could…

checkbox-red2Go from making $120 per hour to $7000 in one hour (as Karen did)

checkbox-red2Add as much as $70,000 in revenue to your bottom line by implementing one key strategy (as Anne did)

checkbox-red2Through charging higher fees and getting more committed clients, gather funds to support the charity that is most near and dear to your heart (as Elizabeth did)

checkbox-red2Have 3, 5 or even 10 people per day contacting you wanting to work with you (as Bonnie did)

My name is Marcia Bench, and I’m well known in the coaching world as an expert on coaching, entrepreneurship, business growth and wealth creation of more than 25 years in training, speaking, coaching, and writing.  I’ve been blessed to write 25 books (with #26 in progress) and be one of the first few authors published by Hay House besides Louise Hay herself.

My purpose in life is to help entrepreneurs just like you (mostly women, thus the term womanpreneurs) step into their greatness, find their purpose and voice, and create a high-impact business that provides them with abundance, wealth, fulfillment and freedom.  As a transformational trainer and mentor, what lights me up is when YOU make quantum leaps forward and claim your own legacy in the world – and your clients just start lining up to work with you!

But I wasn’t always that clear on my purpose – and the road hasn’t always been easy.  I have faced financial setbacks, overcame breast cancer in year two of my business, been divorced, and even overcame addiction and chronic fatigue.

And it was staying on the path of divine service through entrepreneurship – teaching, writing, and coaching – that have healed me and kept me going.

I have studied metaphysics and personal growth since an early age, and have a degree in psychology as well as a law degree.  I gave up the law practice after 4 years, selling everything I owned and the business to travel the U.S. and Canada by RV with my first book, When 9 to 5 Isn’t Enough.  So you can see I’m an action taker!

It was just 45 days from my “lightning bolt moment” when the idea for Career Coach Institute hit me until we were enrolling our first students, and now have graduates in 42 countries worldwide.

So if you’re an action taker AND you’ve had your share of adversity, fear, and doubt – then we may well be soul mates and designed to work together in this program!

My overachievement sent me into recovery and years of healing…and I’ve even worked with a shaman on the mountaintops of Colorado, cruised to Hawaii and back with Abraham-Hicks while they taught and channeled, and spent 12/21/12 in Mexico to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar.

What my clients say is unique about working with me is that I am equally conversant in energy, spirituality and healing as well as in social media marketing, branding, business growth strategy and change management.  After all, it’s all connected!  And somehow I’ve been hard wired so that both hemispheres of my brain blend intuition and intellect, spirituality and science, so you get a holistic approach to building a business that feels AWESOME to you and your clients!

I journeyed 18 years to find my life purpose, and since doing that, understanding my Soul’s Blueprint as revealed in my numerology profile and started to integrating proven business, marketing and transformational practices into the mix, I have:


goldcheckAttracted clients in 42 countries – mostly through virtual marketing

goldcheckEnjoyed 14 consistent years of mid 6-figure income

goldcheckBeen able to split my time each year between the Northwest and the Southwestern U.S., staying in the sun year-round

goldcheckTraveled to multiple countries on vacation and for speaking gigs

goldcheckShared the stage with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra

goldcheckBuilt several international brands that are leaders in their niche

goldcheckBeen published by Simon & Schuster

goldcheckAttained Best Seller status through self-publishing on Amazon

goldcheckBecome happier and healthier

goldcheckBecome even more committed to share what I’ve learned in my setbacks with action-takers like you that want to shake things up in their own lives!

And earlier this year, when my mother had a stroke, my husband had a life-threatening blood clot, and we had a break-in at our home, the principles of Wealthy Womanpreneurship and including incorporating the Divine into my business has sustained us and allowed me to be their caregivers when they needed me most.

“Marcia, I was on the fence as to whether to commit to your coaching program one night last week, though I knew I would benefit from your guidance as I build my new business. So I decided to go for it and paid the coaching fee.

Amazingly, the next morning, a client I hadn’t worked with for years called me “out of the blue” and asked me to do some work for them. This new work will represent about $11,000 in income – so I’ve had a more than 8-fold return on my commitment to myself to coach with you overnight!”

Nathalie Thompson


I don’t need to tell you that the way we’ve been taught to make money and to sell our services is broken!  Women customers and clients won’t tolerate the manipulation, bait and switch, “fake it till you make it,” “no pain no gain” method of growing a business.

It’s time to honor our feminine selves, cultivate our ability to RECEIVE greater wealth, be authentic in what we offer and how we speak about it, and rest when we need it so we are even better equipped to serve our ideal clients. 

The Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School is an inspired immersion-style mentoring and training program combining ancient wisdom, numerology, proven business strategy, ongoing caring support, divine feminine power, manifestation principles, spiritual selling and a network like no other.  Upon completion of all four courses, you obtain the Wealthy Womanpreneur Diploma – a one-of-a-kind prestigious credential that says you have studied and demonstrated your commitment to your craft, and to growing a business that makes a difference.

This is a new hybrid of teaching, mentoring and spiritual transformation – blending support and instruction in business, money, and systems – one that embraces entrepreneurship as a spiritual path.  You not only master skills – but you embody transformation, release old patterns, identify and achieve your dream life and business, while connecting easily and effortlessly with your ideal clients. Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School will raise your mindset, business and bank balance to an entirely new level. It will transform the way you work with clients, your ability to bring your whole soul to your work, your relationship with money, and the way you think, sell, present yourself and charge for your services – forever!

No longer do you need to go chasing to multiple trainers, programs and coaches to get what you need – it’s all here in one place for you!


As a Wealthy Womanpreneur, you will embody the New Rules of Sacred Feminine Wealth™ – and find freedom and balance like never before!  Through reconnecting to your inherent power, being your true self, connecting deeply with prospects and clients, you will close sales effortlessly and serve with joy.

If you follow my lead and commit to doing the work, you can bring in $10K – $30K a month or more with ease in the first few months of launching your new programs! It’s time to make money – finally! And it’s time to claim your freedom, with:

  • Sound practical yet spiritually-based group business training
  • One-on-one customized business and wealth coaching
  • Ancient energy healing
  • Manifesting magic and mojo
  • Just-in-time caring support to nurture your dream into reality!

It’s the Ultimate Learning Experience for Visionary Coaches, Consultants, Healers, Speakers & Other Soul-Based, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs 

Here are just a few of the growing brands that we’ve already created before launching the school – these lovely womanpreneurs have recently worked personally with me using what you’ll learn in the Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School – and their results have been swift and direct!


Compelling Content Creation

Authentic Web Presence

Limit Free

Executive Womens Success Institute

Executive Career Consulting

Collaborative Career Coaching

Your Opportunity Expert


WordsUp Communication

The Divorce Vaccine™

Star In Your Own Life Story

Business Across Cultures


“I was looking for strategies to reboot my online presence for my nutrition coaching business. Marcia’s course came just in time. As a result of what I learned, I returned to a blogging and social media schedule. For the first time I'm sharing my blogs on LinkedIn and getting views and likes – and in 2 weeks of publishing I garnered over 250 followers!  Three to 5 people per DAY are calling me to explore working with me.  I learned new resources to help make my blogs more appealing and gained more understanding of how to use key words in postings. This class gave me the "kick" to start off this year with plan of action and goals I'm excited to work on. Thanks Marcia!”


Bonnie Roill, RDN, CWC, CPT, HCC, MBA

“Having Marcia one on one to focus on my business, giving pointers, coming up with strategies to use and avenues to take was an amazing experience. Marcia helped me to put the pieces to my puzzle together that was keeping me stuck. I now feel geared up and ready to go.  I have already begun to implement some of her ideas and plan to continue.  I have a specific goal and the plan is to see it materialize by the first of the year.  I am confident if I follow Marcia’s guidance I will reach my goal.  She is awesome!”


Madeline Lewis,

“When I started working with Marcia, I knew what I wanted to do but felt blocked in moving forward.  Marcia helped me work through those blocks, clarify who I am as a coach and who I want to serve.  Together, we created coaching packages my clients love, and I’ve already served several clients in creating their authentic web presence, and enhancing my position in both confidence and revenue. Thanks Marcia for the clarity, the confidence, and the tools to move forward!”


Mark Mayes, Authentic Web Presence

Through working with Marcia, I became very clear on that value that I have to offer to others, and the best way to “package” and deliver that value so I could help others while maintaining a schedule and a lifestyle that supports me as well. Thank you, Marcia…your support, guidance and inspiration have made a tremendous difference for me. I am excited about the direction my business is now taking, and I’m looking forward to great things to come.


Sharon Hibbard, Compelling Content Creation

"If you are ready to get down and dirty and really get going with your business, I highly recommend working with Marcia. She'll help you live out your life purpose in a supportive, forward moving manner. I am energized, confident, and enthusiastic about my business and my success in living my life purpose and inviting in my Sacred Feminine Wealth."


Laura Kosak, MA, MFT Relationship Coach

“When working with Marcia Bench, one of the strategies she recommended to build my list around my new brand was to do a telesummit. She helped guide me through the entire process including all of the various ways in which I could broaden my impact and income using this amazing tool. As a result, my list grew by more than 1000 people in less than 30 days and positioned myself as even more of an expert in my market space. Thanks so much!”


Kaya Singer – Awakening Business Coach



By the end of our time together, you’ll have the equivalent of an “entrepreneur’s” MBA – including both internally realigning your beliefs and thought patterns AND creating an external connection and cash strategy that completely transforms your life.

Through our content-packed, highly interactive courses, 1:1 mentoring, 24/7 support and energy healing – coupled with online resources that will give you a jump start – you will be able to grow your business with clear direction and focus, jetting past colleagues trying to figure things out on their own.


goldcheck1. Courses – 4 Live 10-Week Webinar Training Courses with Marcia Bench:

a. Sold Out Coaching Programs

b. Raise Your Financial Set Point

c. Automate and Delegate with Ease

d. Successfully Launch Your Program

2. Mentoring – You Can Take the Courses ala carte or choose from:goldcheck

a. Fab Femme – 10 45-minute sessions per year 1:1 with Marcia
b. Rapid Riches – 20 45-minute sessions per year 1:1 with Marcia
c. VIP Day – half day to kick off your program, either via skype or in person, or full day with follow-up to do your video, photos, energy healing, brand creation and logo and web site design
d. Each mentoring option includes Instant Messenger access to Marcia Monday through Friday 8-5 Pacific time

goldcheck3. Monthly Wealth and Healing Meditations:

These beautiful written and audio meditations help you embody the Wealthy Womanpreneur mindset and lifestyle

goldcheck4. Wealthy Womanpreneur Online Resource Center (constantly growing):

You get dozens of customizable forms and tools to jump start your business from startup to 7-figure wealth, as well as our recommended resources for all aspects of your business from product creation to web design, audio, video, event planning, book publishing and more

5. Community of Support:goldcheck

You get private access to our closed WWBS Facebook community AND an accountability and support buddy matched to you within the program as well. This coupled with live group and 1:1 sessions will create a fertile environment that can’t help but lead to your success.

goldcheck6. Bonuses:

a. Your Numerology Profile and Forecast – a 70-page report that helps you clarify your ideal business focus and activities, know what to delegate, and know what your future holds
b. Your Offer & Plan for 6- and 7-Figure Growth and Your First 5 Clients in a Day” Training – this 3-hour accelerated learning program will help you hit the ground running with your new or expanding business
d. Complimentary copies of Marcia’s booksTao of Entrepreneurship (weekly meditations) and Success by the Numbers (to help you apply numerology in your business)
d. Complimentary pass to a live retreat or event of your choice with Marcia during the year
e. Guest experts presenting on relevant topics from social media to ascension consciousness, periodically throughout the year

While having a solid business strategy is key to wealth and success, the successful Wealthy Womanprepreneur business requires a web of support – and most entrepreneurs leave at least one of these out, which is why they struggle in their business!


Here are further details on the courses you will be taking:


Course 1: Sold Out Coaching Programs  (10 sessions)


The first course in your Wealthy Womanpreneur Diploma is your “nuts and bolts” training to help you clarify your new business brand and offering – or what you are ready to launch if you are rebranding or in growth mode.

We begin by helping you develop a brand and coaching package that your clients will love – and help you start enrolling clients with it (“selling out” your programs).  You’ll be guided step by step through the entire process of designing your authentic brand, honing your core offer, pricing, marketing and sales to make your evolution and expansion as an entrepreneur flow with ease.

Here is an overview of what you will master in this course:

Sold Out Coaching Programs Formula















Your class sessions include:

  1. Your Offer Foundation: Discovering Your Passionate Purpose, Business Mission and Inspired Success Path
  2. Your Story: Finding the Gems in Your Life Experience – What You Are Here to Share and Who Will Benefit and Buy from You (aka Tribe)
  3. Your Signature System: the Hidden Secret for Easy Branding and Sales
  4. Your Magnetic Monetizing Offer: Structuring Your Offer, Premium Profitable Pricing Strategies, Expanding Your Ability to Receive
  5. Your Graphics and Branding: Discovering Your Brand Archetypes; Your Logo; Flyers and Other Promotional Pieces
  6. Your Back-End Systems: Mailing List Manager, Email and Autoresponders, Merchant Account, Landing Page, Scheduling, Web Design Resources and More
  7. Your Preview Event and Online Promotion: Types of Preview Events; Blogging and Social Media Promotion; Webinars and Speaking; Email Follow-up and More
  8. Your Sacred Client Enrollment Process (aka Authentic Sales): How to Talk to Prospects and Enroll Them With Ease

Two Q&A calls follow to help you with implementation.

During just four weeks working with Marcia, I honed in on the professional expression of my life purpose and gained tremendous clarity and focus. I created a website and a Facebook business page. I set up several administrative systems including payment processing, calendar booking, e-mail capturing, and bookkeeping. I created a Signature System, obtained the domain name, developed an offer structure, and created a flyer to promote the program. I set up a thematic outline and a schedule for blogging that optimizes my web presence with content that I will repurpose for the greatest impact.

Throughout the course I felt supported by Marcia while being challenged to reach beyond what I imagined possible. I appreciated the small group class format and gained insight, support, and community from my fellow classmates. Marcia broke down the steps needed to quickly start my business in clear, progressive, doable tasks and kept me accountable to a schedule. I needed that accountability and mentoring to make the progress I did.

If you are ready to get down and dirty and really get going with your business, I highly recommend working with Marcia. She’ll help you live out your life purpose in a supportive, forward moving manner. I am energized, confident, and enthusiastic about my business and my success in living my life purpose and inviting in my Sacred Feminine Wealth.

Laura Kosak, MA, Relationship Coach


Course 2 – Raise Your Financial Set Point (10 sessions)


Secondly, we will explore the practices of the new paradigm of wealth creation, Sacred Feminine Wealth.

There are many business coaches and classes that can teach you the “how” of setting up and running a business – and lay out complex growth strategies that will make your head spin!

But unless you also have the mindset and heart-set to create true wealth, enjoy lifestyle freedom and leave a legacy too, you will be very busy accomplishing things without the desired results you went into business to achieve.

I’ve seen it too many times with clients who come to me after working with other coaches or taking other programs!

So the second part of your Diploma training is designed to set your energy, mind and lifestyle for wealth – not the old “bait and switch,” deception-based, aggressive masculine kind of wealth.  But a new, softer yet even more powerful Sacred Feminine Wealth, that feels good to you throughout all the activities and stages of your business.

Here is a peek at what you study here:


Your course sessions include:

  1. Embrace and acknowledge your Divine connection
  2. Understand the manifestation principle that you create your life; change your money story
  3. Set your future vision
  4. Heal self-sabotage and limiting beliefs with Energy Realignment™
  5. Enlarge your receptivity so attract more; use visioning & mental programming
  6. Trust yourself and the process; be visible and vulnerable
  7. Uplevel your Financial Set Point
  8. Use magnetizing processes to draw your clients to you
  9. Look for evidence that your vision is happening; flow with the 4 Money Cycles
  10. Giving and generosity as keys to wealth
  11. Extraordinary Self Care & Time Systems
  12. Enjoy your creation!



Course 3: Automate and Delegate with Ease (10 sessions)


Course 3 in your Diploma series is designed to help you master (or delegate, as appropriate!) the Systems, Software and Staff you need at each phase of your business development so that you are free to share your gifts and genius with your clients and create freedom and your desired, balanced lifestyle.

During this course, you will put in place the legal, financial and software foundation for your business that will help all of your marketing and wealth building flow smoothly. In addition, you will have access to our growing library of short 5- to 10-minute videos with screenshots in the back office/resource library to show you how to set up each one – as well as referrals to Virtual Assistants who specialize in the technology and administrative side of your business so you don’t have to do it all!

course-3-photoYour class sessions will include:

  1. Your Business Plan, Seed Money and Financial Projections
  2. Handling the Legal Aspects of Business: Legal Entity, Copyright and Trademark, Contracts and More
  3. Cash Flow Management – Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial Tracking
  4. Crafting Your Opt-in Gift and Nurture Sequence
  5. Landing Pages, Web Site, SEO and Your Online Presence
  6. Software for Calendaring, Scheduling, Email, Webinars, Projects, Team, Shopping Carts, Merchant Account and More
  7. Using Virtual Assistants, Contract Designers and More; Contractor vs. Employee (Legal and Tax Implications)
  8. Your Social Media Profiles, Groups, Posting Strategy and Automation
  9. Attracting and Cultivating Your Online Community, Online Live Video, and Tracking Your Sales Activities
  10. Magnetizing Your Offline Community – Networking, Generating Referrals, Trade Shows, Expos and More

We’ll recommend specific resources to you in each of these key areas to save you hundreds of hours of time – and money too!

All class sessions are recorded in mp4 video and added to the Resource Library so you can watch again – or watch a module you haven’t attended live yet.

“When I first met Marcia I was frustrated with the way I was operating as a business. I felt disorganized and overwhelmed, needed help in marketing and promoting myself, and my program offerings did not have a flow and were very scattered. Marcia helped me immensely with systemizing my business to the point of seeing larger revenue potential I never thought possible. The most significant take away has been the development of my Signature System, which has helped my program organization and create a BUZZ about my services. I made more than $7000 in a recent one-hour presentation – nearly 4 times what I would have been paid using my old approach! I know I now have the pieces of puzzle necessary to thrive, not just survive.”

Karen McGeehan, Inner View Nutrition


Course 4: Successfully Launch Your Program (10 sessions)


Your fourth and final course in the Wealthy Womanpreneur Diploma series is where it all comes together.  You have mastered your legal and financial foundation, put software systems in place, clarified your brand and tribe and signature system, and have the structure ready to do marketing and engage your tribe to a specific offer.  Now the rubber meets the road!

In this course, you will orchestrate an entire launch (product, coaching services, group coaching program, VIP days or webinar series – whatever fits you and your tribe best) from start to finish.  You’ll begin making big money sharing your unique gifts – and the best part is, you can “shampoo, rinse and repeat” with your next launches using what you learn here!


Your course topics include:

  1. Ready: Setting Your Launch Goals, Type, Topic and Titles
  2. Set: Your Preview/Lead Generating Event
  3. Go! Invite Them: Your Landing Page or Other Online Invitation, Lead Magnets and More
  4. Social Media Promotion Strategies Including Facebook Live, Ads, and Blogging
  5. Joint Ventures and Affiliate Promotion; Offline Exhibits, Expos and Trade Shows
  6. Your Sales Page; Social and Psychological Triggers
  7. Enroll: Your Email Engagement and Follow-up Sequence; Review of Sacred Client Engagement for Sales Calls
  8. Your Signature Talk; How to Get Speaking Gigs; 12 Steps to Selling More Products and Services from the Stage
  9. Leverage: Creating Your Certification, Group Coaching, Mastermind, VIP Days and Other Premium Programs
  10. Deepening Engagement: Sequencing Future Launches and Community Building for Upselling, Cross Selling, Cultivating Champions and More


Our training courses are mega-powerful, and you will transform greatly just through attending them and applying what you learn.

But we know from our decades of experience in working with entrepreneurs that you will also have individual questions, individual areas for healing, and a need for individual support.  That is why we have included with your tuition two levels of ongoing support and an accelerated “do-it-in-a-day” model for those that want to move quickly.


At the Fabulous Femme level, you receive 10 individual 45-minute sessions with Marcia throughout the year (usually one per month with a break as needed in your growth).

Any of the aspects of the courses themselves or your business setup or back-end systems can be discussed, or we can do energy healing with you 1:1 too.  All sessions are recorded so you can listen again if you miss the “Divine Download” that inevitably happens during these sessions!

This level is recommended for womanpreneurs who want support but are either cost conscious or due to entrepreneurial experience can implement with little guidance and one session per month is sufficient.


At the Rapid Riches level, you receive 20 individual 45-minute sessions with Marcia throughout the year (usually an average of two per month with a break as needed in your growth).

Any of the aspects of the courses themselves or your business setup or back-end systems can be discussed, or we can do energy healing with you 1:1 too.  All sessions are recorded so you can listen again if you miss the “Divine Download” that inevitably happens during these sessions!

This level is recommended for actionistas that can’t wait to get started, like regular coaching and started and want to move fast!


Some clients are ready to move as quickly as possible, and for those we invite them to spend one (or sometimes two) days with Marcia in person to get everything they need in an accelerated fashion.

Among the topics we cover are:

  • Your life purpose and Inspired Success Path
  • Your brand, logo and brand archetypes
  • Areas where you feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed
  • Your Financial Set Point
  • Your Money Mindset
  • Your 6- or 7-figure offer
  • Your social media strategy
  • How to connect with your tribe best
  • Your signature talk
  • Your book
  • Your publicity strategy
  • Blogging
  • Role play a sales call and hone your skills
  • Your offer from the stage for an upcoming event
  • A plan for a seminar or retreat
  • Your self-care strategy
  • Systems for your business
  • Preparing your business to sell
  • And more!

We can also have a photographer, videographer, hair, makeup, and personal stylist on site to get your photos, brand, banners and videos made while we are together.

Many clients prefer a half-day VIP day via skype to jump start their WWBS experience, and we love to do that with you too!

You will find the benefits you get from Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School are both what you expect and others you don’t expect – because you will grow and evolve during the experience.  Among the benefits our students report are that they:

  • Find the answers that have eluded you in what it really takes to move your coaching, consulting, or other service business forward (hint: it’s NOT just another marketing strategy!)
  • Discover with absolute clarity the work you were born to do – and the next steps in making it real, viable and abundant
  • Clear energy and money blocks to making money using your unique gifts
  • Discover how to attract the perfect clients that are an energetic and vibrational match for your gifts
  • Uplevel your vibration so that you can quantum leap your work to its next level
  • Get your web site online – or convert it to a lead conversion site – so it helps build your business
  • Online marketing strategies just right for you – from email marketing to articles, video, Linkedin, Facebook and more
  • Offline marketing tactics that help expand your reach – including speaking, writing, and networking
  • Help you accelerate your manifesting of money and all forms of good so you can live in abundance
  • How to have a powerful sales conversation that more often than not converts prospects to clients
  • Create a freedom-based lifestyle that blends work, play and family in a way that’s perfect for you
  • Feel excited and joyful about every day you get to work doing what you love and are called to do!

You can go from feeling trapped, playing small, being overwhelmed and stressed with no clear choice for the future to being free, visible, inspiring, living your vision, with joy and balance, and being empowered as you help others every day.

You get the prestigious, one-of-a-kind credential upon completion of all four courses – the Wealthy Womanpreneur Diploma.  You can proudly display this certification logo on your web site to show your commitment to your clients and your profession.

And unlike many other mentoring and training program, no travel is required.  We serve our elite students and clients through convenient online and webinar/Skype methods


goldcheckMake big change…


goldcheckStep into your power…


goldcheckPut struggle in the rear view…


Then you’re ready for Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School!

It’s Time to Stop Procrastinating – Create Your Dream Life and Business and Overcome Your Fears!





1-Quick start orientation packet

2-Numerology report (70 or more pages, with forecast for the next 3 years!)and (for Rapid Riches) Debrief Reading

3-Monthly healing meditations

4-Complimentary copies of Marcia’s books, Tao of Entrepreneurship and Success by the Numbers

5-Complimentary pass to an upcoming LIVE event featuring Marcia of your choice during 2017


“I started working with Marcia because I was specifically looking for an expert who could help me to define and create my own ‘signature system’. By the end of only my fourth session with Marcia I had my system outline in place.

Using the Signature Talk and other systems Marcia helped me develop, I have generated an additional $70k in revenue and have a plan in place to double that. ”

Anne Phelan Your Opportunity Expert




Where will you be in your life and business in a year?  Consider the difference between charting your course on your own – without a mentor and community to learn from and bounce ideas off of when you have questions…and contrast that with the juicy, comforting feeling you will have if your DO have a seasoned guide on the journey, and a community of sisters to support you.

I can tell you that I have rarely been without a mentor during my 15 years in coaching, and even prior to that as a consultant.  No one of us knows it all – and we are usually too close to our own “stuff” to transform it without outside intervention.

It doesn’t have to be as hard as you may be making it to reach the 6 figures, and even the 7 figures.  But “it takes a village – and a leader of that village!” to succeed.

I’ve been working with, holding space for and mentoring entrepreneurs just like you for more than 25 years…and my heart and soul longs to support you so that you can LOVE your life and business.

If you’re resonating with what you read here, let’s talk!  Submit your application and let’s see if this is a fit.  The world is waiting for you!

To your wealth and success,



Before being in Marcia’s Wealthy Womanpreneur class I was struggling with how to start my own business.  I had just left Corporate America and wasn’t sure how to structure my business or attract the right clients.  I had coached leaders in my career, but was transitioning into a very different area of coaching.  I had some fears and wasn’t sure I could turn my passion into a thriving business.  As I went through each module I gained clarity on my vision, discovered easy ways to set up my business, and created a system to serve the clients I want to attract.  Now, I am set up for success and expect to enroll my first high end clients within the next 60 days!  Marcia’s hands-on approach, proven system, and desire for you to succeed are true differentiators.  I am grateful for this experience!

Stacè Middlebrooks, M.A., PCCC, SPHR

The Harmonious Woman Coaching Program a division of The Middlebrooks Group, LLC


Q1: Why is this a 12-month program?

A1: If you were to take a traditional MBA program, you would commit for 3 years – and still not have done any work on mindset or be able to implement the very practical aspects of launching and growing a successful business.  We’ve offered shorter programs in the past, 3 or 6 months – and that kind of training program gives you knowledge and information – but it’s the mentoring and coaching that results in the “rubber meeting the road” so you actually implement what you have learned.

The Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School and the Wealthy Womanpreneur Diploma is designed to be an immersion experience that results in a significant uplevel in your mindset and heartset as well as putting into action a plan that stretches you, evolves you, and allows you to make an incredibly bigger difference in the world.  That means that from time to time you will grapple with fear, confusion, overwhelm and old limiting beliefs and patterns.  Left on your own, you may let them stop you.  But the combined training, mentoring and sisterhood of this program keeps you moving through the obstacles, rather than being stopped by them.

It takes at least a year to birth and raise a business – or a rebrand of an existing enterprise – so that it has a solid foundation, a raving tribe and you have a crystal clear message, offer and packages that are presented elegantly online and offline.  We are here to support you in that vision.

We give you the option of enrolling one quarter/course at a time, or obtain a discount on your tuition by enrolling in the program “whole cloth” at once and committing to a year of transformation.  Talk to an Admissions Advisor about which option is best for you.


Q2:  What does the Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School cost?

A2:  Tuition for the WWBS ranges depending on the options you select.  When you consider that the traditional MBA costs $100,000 to as much as $200,000, the quarterly or annual tuition you pay in our program yields exponentially more results.  We will discuss pricing options and recommend which is best for you when you have your consultation with Marcia or another Admissions Advisor.

As a guideline, to enroll ala carte (with no mentoring) in one of the four courses is $797 per month – less than you would (or should!) be charging to an individual client.  Discounts of 20 percent or more are available with payment in full for the year, whether training only or with mentoring.  All programs include access to the Online Resource Library and the other bonuses listed above.


Q3: Can I buy just the training without coaching (or vice versa)?

A3: Yes! You may enroll “ala carte” in the training, one quarter at a time or commit to the entire Diploma program (all four courses with optional mentoring).  We’ll happily share pricing when you talk with an Admissions Advisor.  And Marcia does take on a limited number of Private Coaching clients, at rates higher than what is offered when combined with training in the Wealthy Womanpreneur Business School curriculum.

The Fab Femme and Rapid Riches mentoring options are ONLY available when a student commits to the entire 12-month Diploma program, not with ala carte course enrollments.


Q4:  I am just starting out in my business – is this right for me?

A4: The answer is, it depends.  If you are a recent graduate of a coaching or healing school (one of ours or another one) and you are ready to make an investment in your future, then this may be exactly what you need to convert your coaching knowledge into a thriving, revenue-generating business.  If you are brand new to entrepreneurship and/or online business, you will need to be prepared for a steep learning curve – but we are here for you, holding your hand and giving you the information, resources and training you need.

Most of our students/clients are entrepreneurs who have at least a few months if not years under their belt, and are looking to uplevel their income, attract higher paying clients, rebrand to something more in alignment with who they are becoming, or restructure for mid 6- or 7-figure growth.  And they are generating at least $30,000 or more in annual income already.  If you’re not sure if this is a fit for you, apply for a breakthrough session at and we’ll discuss!


Q5: What if I enroll and try it and it isn’t right for me?

A5: Our intention is to address any uncertainty and questions you have before enrollment so that you have an awesome learning and growth experience – and over more than 15 years doing business online, our return rate is less than 1 percent.  However, to reassure you, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee with our program.  So once you enroll and attend the first month of classes and, if selected, mentoring sessions, if you don’t feel like it’s the program you thought it was, let us know and we’ll cancel your enrollment after a brief conversation to understand your reasons.


Q6: What if I want to accelerate the pace of the program?

A6: Hooray!  We LOVE action takers!  And we have VIP Day enhancements to the program for this very reason – we can often get more done in a VIP Day or weekend than in 3 or 6 months of training and mentoring!  We recently worked with a CEO of a $100 million Fortune 500 company who said as much to us.  So for you actionistas, we recommend you start with a VIP day AND enroll in the 12-month school.  You can then use the school and the mentoring included to help with implementation and tweaking your strategy as you do so.  (VIP Day or weekend also available as a standalone – contact us for details at


Q7: What time are the classes held?

A7: We serve students and clients around the world (45 countries and counting!) so we know that setting a class time that works for every time zone may not be possible.  So we hold our live classes usually at noon or 1 pm Eastern time/New York/US, and record everything.  Class sessions are put into the Resource Center along with screencasts of other aspects of your business setup, marketing and wealth creation that you will need so you can consume them there if you can’t attend live.  Then, for real-time interaction, you have your 1:1 sessions with Marcia as well as the active Facebook group and community.  So you’ll feel supported no matter what time zone you live in!


Q8: What is required for me to obtain the Wealthy Womanpreneur Diploma?

A8: To receive your Wealthy Womanpreneur Diploma you must (1) complete all requirements of the four main courses listed above, including all feedback and evaluation forms, and (2) submit a completed business plan including competitive analysis and marketing plan.  Once our staff receives evidence of these two requirements being completed, you will be awarded your diploma!

guarbtee“Become a Wealthy Womanpreneur” Guarantee

We Personally Guarantee Your Satisfaction! I want you to feel very comfortable making the decision to join our “Wealthy Womanpreneur’s Business School” training/coaching/immersion experience. And after more than 25 years working with entrepreneurs, we know that you absolutely will have all you need to master and implement the skills of wealthy womanpreneurship once you complete the training. So attend as my guest through for the first 30 days, and if you don’t feel like you’ve gotten everything we promised and more, just return your materials and we’ll give you your money back!

I know how fulfilling it is when you make a difference in people’s lives every day through your work with them AND you make a great living too. So rest assured…we know what it takes to be a comprehensively trained and fully prepared womanpreneur…and you will get ALL of these tools in our course (even customizable forms that will make your startup that much easier!). I personally invite you to join the dozens of womanpreneurs worldwide who are joining you on this journey…and let it transform your life too!

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