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If you are a woman entrepreneur (or want to be!) and are ready to significantly increase your impact and income – without working harder – and with Divine Feminine ease, you’ve come to the right place!

The world needs more women who capably blend spirituality and sales, strategy and heart — and create abundance in the process. Will you be one of them?

Maybe you want to seamlessly attract your first or next 5 clients, to write your own book, to create a huge global community to solve an important problem, or to double, triple or quadruple your business income.  Bottom line: you want to ENJOY your life, to LOVE your clients and business, and to THRIVE as an entrepreneur, right?

But you might be facing internal blocks you don’t quite understand such as fear, self-sabotage, worry, under-earning, or something else.  You keep wondering, “WHY am I not making the money I long for – and deserve?”

Or perhaps it seems that what’s holding you back is external blocks – a “day job” you need to keep while you build your business, supporting a spouse or family, or the need to be close to those you love.

This is the era of the womanpreneur. I’ve been one for half of my life…and have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs just like you to help them build their businesses.  And there has never been a better time for you to share your gifts, charge and earn what you are truly worth, and create your personal and legacy wealth through entrepreneurship.

But none of us does it alone! And we’re often too close to our own “stuff” to successfully make a significant uplevel without help and support.  Our old beliefs are often just too powerful to overcome!

What you’ll find at marciabench.com is a new Sacred Feminine Wealth™ approach to quantum leaping your wealth and your business and service, from a firm foundation – but not always from a place of knowing what’s next!  This sacred space is where you’ll be lovingly guided with compassion and savvy to follow your divine calling, own your power and skyrocket your income so that you may deeply serve your clients with the guidance and care that they deserve.

We use tools such as Energy Realignment, Numerology, Soul-Based Branding, High End Offer Creation more to help you identify and fully optimize your life’s purpose in your business.

If you desire divinely matched clients eager to invest $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 to work with you, imagine how that will change your life? What if you created a group program that constituted your current annual income – in just a month?

It’s not a dream – it’s 100% possible when you decide to go for it by committing to yourself and working with me.  I have helped womanpreneurs make these kinds of leaps for years now…and with the new Sacred Feminine Wealth energy and approach, it can happen faster than ever before!  My desire is to see you soar…and truly achieve all that your heart desired.

What I know is that everything you desire is within you NOW – or you would not be able to even consider or dream about it.  I’ll help you identify that vision, the blocks that are holding you back – and what internal shifts and external actions and strategy you need to RAPIDLY move toward your goal.  Within just weeks you could begin totally transforming your life – but it requires a commitment to change.  Are you ready?

Then let’s talk!  I invite you to schedule your FREE Wealth Womanpreneur Consult

Check out our upcoming events and classes as well as our Business School and other mentoring opportunities too.  I trust we’ll be talking soon!

Much Love, Abundance and Sacred Support,



“I was looking for strategies to reboot my online presence for my nutrition coaching business. Marcia’s course came just in time. As a result of what I learned, I returned to a blogging and social media schedule. For the first time I’m sharing my blogs on LinkedIn and getting views and likes – and in 2 weeks of publishing I garnered over 250 followers!  Three to 5 people per DAY are calling me to explore working with me.  I learned new resources to help make my blogs more appealing and gained more understanding of how to use key words in postings. This class gave me the “kick” to start off this year with plan of action and goals I’m excited to work on. Thanks Marcia!”


Bonnie Roill, RDN, CWC, CPT, HCC, MBA   www.B3Nutrition.com

“Having Marcia one on one to focus on my business, giving pointers, coming up with strategies to use and avenues to take was an amazing experience. Marcia helped me to put the pieces to my puzzle together that was keeping me stuck. I now feel geared up and ready to go.  I have already begun to implement some of her ideas and plan to continue.  I have a specific goal and the plan is to see it materialize by the first of the year.  I am confident if I follow Marcia’s guidance I will reach my goal.  She is awesome!”


Madeline Lewis, www.executivewomenssuccessinstitute.com

“When I started working with Marcia, I knew what I wanted to do but felt blocked in moving forward.  Marcia helped me work through those blocks, clarify who I am as a coach and who I want to serve.  Together, we created coaching packages my clients love, and I’ve already served several clients in creating their authentic web presence, and enhancing my position in both confidence and revenue. Thanks Marcia for the clarity, the confidence, and the tools to move forward!”


Mark Mayes, Authentic Web Presence

Through working with Marcia, I became very clear on that value that I have to offer to others, and the best way to “package” and deliver that value so I could help others while maintaining a schedule and a lifestyle that supports me as well. Thank you, Marcia…your support, guidance and inspiration have made a tremendous difference for me. I am excited about the direction my business is now taking, and I’m looking forward to great things to come.


Sharon Hibbard, Compelling Content Creation

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If you are a woman entrepreneur (or want to be!) and are ready to significantly increase your impact and income – without working harder – and with Divine Feminine ease, you’ve come to the right place!

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