Marcia Bench is an Online Marketing Strategist, Speaker, 29-time author and Book Coach. She is a frequent presenter and is CEO of Digital Marketing for Experts, High Flight Press and Marcia Bench Coaching.

Marcia has three decades of experience working with coaches and other entrepreneurs. She is recognized worldwide as a leading expert in entrepreneurship, transition and personal growth.

A former attorney, Marcia has held positions in executive leadership as well as in-house at various government agencies.

Her books, both self-published and published by Simon & Schuster and Hay House, include The Coaches’ AI Marketing Handbook, The High-Ticket Group Coaching Method,
Conscious Client Attraction
and The Tao of Entrepreneurship.

What I Do

Marcia's first business was a consulting and speaking firm helping individuals with business start-up, marketing and business development. She also got involved with state entrepreneurial politics and was visible in the Portland, Oregon area entrepreneur community.

She then formed her own law firm and, after just 2 years, wrote her first book, When 9 to 5 Isn’t Enough, later published by Hay House, and embarked on a national book/seminar tour.

She sold her home, law practice and possessions to buy an RV and travel the country for 10 months, helping people do what they love for a living. She shared the stage with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and other notable speakers.

Marcia discovered coaching in 2000 after a stint as an Executive Vice President in a career management firm, working personally with more than 500 executives in designing their own professional success and navigating job transitions. She absolutely loved the power of coaching to help clients uncover the answers they sought for themselves - and became a Certified Business Coach, among other credentials.

In 2001, she founded the first career coach training organization in the world, Career Coach Institute, and expanded it to a worldwide community with students in 50 countries. She sold it in 2020.

Now, after earning millions in the coaching space, she shares her knowledge of writing, publishing, online marketing and business growth with women who aspire to be thought leaders in their niche.

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