Visibility is the New Currency!

If you want to be known as the go-to provider in your space today, the key is visibility. If people don't know you, they can't buy from you.

We are committed to helping 10,000 women entrepreneurs elevate their visibility, scalability and profitability, while creating lifestyle freedom, by 2030.

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How we can help you grow your business

Write with Us!

One of the best ways to get started on your journey to becoming a published author is to contribute your chapter to an anthology.

Currently enrolling: our forthcoming book bein published in September, 2024, highlighting women entrepreneurs' business startup stories and other experiences you've overcome since becoming an entrepreneur.

Book Publishing

Our expert publishing company - since 1986! - takes care of all of the hassle for you! With High Flight Press, we do your:

  • Book editing

  • Book layout

  • Cover design

  • ISBN number

  • Categories and keywords

  • Amazon upload

  • Launch plan

  • PR guidance

  • Social media templates

  • Book trailer

  • And more!

High-Leverage Coach Mastermind

Ready to grow your business - but not sure you want to be an author right now?

No problem! Our High-Leverage Coach program helps you create a scalable coaching program you can begin delivering 1:1 and quickly elevate to mastermind or high-ticket group format.

Get your time back as you leverage your coaching practice and amp up your bank account too!

Marcia Bench, Speaker

Marcia is a globally recognized speaker on topics related to entrepreneurship, authorship, marketing and more.

A 29-time author, she has been speaking for decades and would love to offer her huge value to your next meeting or conference!

See What Our Clients Say About Us


“With your help Marcia, in just one week I enrolled 4 clients for my bariatric weight loss services totaling $14,200 after weeks of struggling!"

--Natasha - Weight Loss Coach


“OMG Marcia, my group is now over 650 women and I’ve enrolled two clients at $3600 and another 8 at $2500/ month totaling $22,500 over 9 months in my program on embracing your intuition. So excited and confident about the future!”

--Jacquelyne, Professional Intuitive


"It’s only been 7 weeks working with you and I just had a client renew with me last week for $3500, and a new client signed today $4500 for 6 months.
I am also in the process of booking a speaking engagement for December. Exciting times!"

--Lesley, Business Productivity Specialist

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